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The 5 Day Runner's Strength and Mobility Challenge

Discover your areas of weakness and turn them into strengths that you can build the strong, fast, and injury-resistant runner's body you've always wanted


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In this free 5 day challenge, you will discover:

— The #1 mental shift to make today to get you on the path to success
— The 3 critical areas every runner needs to improve their running
— How to find your areas of weakness and turn them into strengths
— The proven way to help your body move and feel better
— The best way to be fit and healthy for the rest of your life so you can live your best life without limitations
Yes! I'm ready for the challenge!

Meet Your Coaches!


Angie and Kevin Brown are the co-founders and hosts of the Real Life Runners Podcast and the Real Life Runners Training Academy. 


They have been working with hundreds of runners for almost 15 years and know the keys to success.


Angie holds her doctorate in physical therapy, and Kevin has been a successful cross country and track coach for over a decade.


Together, they have combined their expertise in training methods and the human body to create a framework and program that has helped hundreds of runners to reach success.

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