The Real Life Runners 5 Day Running Challenge


Discover the MOST EFFECTIVE Method to 

Run Stronger, Faster and Longer

without injury, boredom, or wasting your time.


In this FREE challenge September 27-October 1, you will learn: 

The #1 SHIFT to stop the struggle so that you can run faster and longer without pain and getting tired so easily.   

The EASIEST and BEST way to break through boredom and running injuries, feel strong and confident, enjoy running, and stay motivated for life.

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Running helps us to feel strong.  Many runners want to feel stronger as they run, with less aches, pains, and fatigue.  We'll show you ways to run stronger so that you can feel better and cross finish lines feeling strong with arms held high.

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Most runners would love to run faster but aren't sure how to do it or don't believe that they can.  They just accept the "fact" that they are a "slow runner" or a "jogger".  Anyone can get faster.  You just need to learn the best way to do it.  We'll show you how.

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As runners, we know what fatigue feels like.  As we run longer, we get tired.  At some point, we have to stop running because we are too tired to continue.  If you've wondered how to run longer without feeling so tired, we can help.



Ditch the "Do More" Mentality

In order to improve, I have to run hard everyday, do more, increase my training load, and feel exhausted all the time, right?  Wrong.  We will show you a better way.  By training smarter, experimenting with different types of training and listening to your body, you will discover the most effective way to challenge yourself and achieve your running goals.

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Meet Your Coaches!

Angie and Kevin Brown are the co-founders and hosts of the Real Life Runners Podcast and the Real Life Runners Training Academy.  They have been working with hundreds of runners for almost 15 years and know the keys to success.  Angie holds her doctorate in physical therapy, and Kevin has been a successful cross country and track coach for over a decade.  Together, they have combined their expertise in training methods and the human body to create a framework and program that has helped hundreds of runners to reach success.

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