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Hi! We are Angie and Kevin Brown. All across the globe, we've helped hundreds of runners, just like you. They all want to either run faster, get stronger, run longer distances, and/or generally just feel better while doing it.
The difference between the successful ones and those who struggle is that the Real Life Runners understand a smarter and better way to train.
One that starts with a mindset shift, allowing them to see their running and training differently than just the PR-chasers. One that allows them to train smarter, not harder, and still make huge gains in their running. One that adds to their life instead of taking away from it.
You can make this shift too and transform into a Real Life Runner, and that's exactly what we will show you how to do. Get started below.
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We Love Watching Our Academy Members Win!

"Wow! I set out faster than needed and managed to keep it going the whole way through. I'm so pleased and so many new personal records!

After last minute course change due to ice and snow in lots of areas, I've blown myself away with this! I set out back in September to train towards a sub 2 hour half marathon. Thank you Angie and Kevin for having more faith in me than I did."


"I'm so excited to have yet another personal best!

Thanks to Angie and Kevin Brown for the direction on how to handle this race and for the training! Kevin told me 8:40 or better. So here you go, 8:38! Though it hasn't been long, I'm seeing great results from the custom plan you guys have made for me. And Angie... cadence was 178-191 for the whole run!"


"I'm 1st in my age group and a PR to boot!!

I returned to live racing and I went out saying that I was going to actually race it.  I ran on adrenaline but felt so ready! It was shocking when a woman approached me afterward and told me she was trying to catch me the whole race. I felt so good being around runners again!"


"THANK have changed my life and renewed my spirit.

You've shined a light on places I can do better...Thanks for everything...your introspect, your encouragement, and how you changed my perspective on my own situation."


"Having a plan keeps me motivated and I feel stronger every day.

Even though I've been running for 10 years, it seems like I am only now adopting the identity of a Real Life Runner.  I'm really learning a lot about myself through this process."


"RLR has been a blessing in so many ways. I can see myself running for another 25 years!

I realized that we don't always see our own wrong thinking and may need help with a paradigm change. Thank you Angie and Kevin."


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