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145: How Runners Support Runners with Corey Brown

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020


We talk about running as a universal sport.  It has a low barrier for entry and not a lot of rules to follow.  You can participate solo or in a group.  You can run races of many distances and on various terrain, or not race at all.  We believe that races highlight the best aspects of running, in which many people come together to accomplish the same goal, but by following their own path.  In the race environment, they can accomplish more than what they may have been able to do alone.  Today, we cover the universal nature of running, and how our journeys may look different, but are in fact very similar and all intertwined.

Highlights of the episode:

8:30  How running brings us together - the great connector

9:15  From minute to marathon

12:00  How running challenges us and continues to challenge us

14:30   The conversation that transformed Corey's mentality toward running

15:00  How running is contagious and makes us...

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144: Action Creates Clarity

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020


There is some prevailing wisdom in the personal growth world that taking action will guide you in what to do next.  The thought is rooted in the idea that staying frozen while clinging to perfection will not get you anywhere, so you simply need to do something.  This striving for constant action can become counterproductive when the action is treated as the end goal.  Action should inspire the next step.  Action should lead to evaluation and a better understanding of the next step that is more likely to direct you toward your current goal.  In this episode, we cover the benefits of taking actions as well as the issues with taking action just to do something. 

Highlights of the episode:

Changes and uncertainties. How to face both. 00:58

Does a perfect training plan exist? 3:29

The idea of taking an action; the best part and pitfalls. 4:18

The downside of having too many options. 8:58

Where does confusion often lead us? 15:15

Taking action and...

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143: Running: Unity Through Challenges

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

Running should be an act of unity.  It is a sport with a low barrier of entry and people of all races, ages, and abilities can connect over the challenge of a run.  While we are currently without races, we are not without challenges.  Now seems like an important time to step back and see that the powerful statement “I am a runner and runners do hard things” applies to the roads and the trails, but to so much more in our lives as well. 

Highlights of the episode:

How running unites people in the simplest way. 2:00

Racial inequality and the running world. 04:25

Running is available for everyone. 7:05

The roots of Real Life Runners. 12:05

Being part of the change and its ripple effect. 13:31

The starfish story. 15:00

Empowering yourself through running. 18:06

Bridging the gap between the diversity among us. 30:34

Choosing which charities and causes to support. 39:10

Approaching everything with equality and love. 45:44

The inclusive characteristics of...

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142: The Pros and Cons of Labeling Ourselves as Runners

Uncategorized May 28, 2020


Personal statements that begin with “I am” carry power and strength.  They define us and lead our actions.  They are our label, often empowering, but sometimes limiting.  We also put labels on the world around us.  We group people together as though they are the same person.  We put simple labels onto situations and the people around us to make life easier.  While this is often done subconsciously, and rarely for a malevolent reason, labels can be incredibly detrimental.  Other people can feel confined or burdened by the label.  On this episode, we cover the two sides to the power of labels. 

Highlights of the episode:

The pros of labeling. 2:27

I am a real life runner. 4:22

Understanding that your identity as a real life runner is different from someone else's. 9:21

The cons of labeling. 13:18

What happens when you stop limiting yourself. 16:47

Looking at the whole picture beyond the label. 24:55

RLR Challenge:...

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141: Structure Creates Success

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Structure and plans matter if you actually want to be successful.  Raw talent will take you pretty far.  Working really hard will get you pretty far.  Most people are not born with Olympic level running prowess.  Even runners who do hard things would appreciate some things being easier.  Today we cover the importance of structure in reaching your goals plus why you may be resisting structure in the first place.

Highlights of the episode:

Success - in a runner’s perspective. 3:09

Why success matters. 8:07

Success and happiness - the connection between these two. 12:25

Your own journey towards success - this matters more. 25:49 

Does structure really limit you? 28:59

Choosing the right plan for you and sticking to it. 30:54

Embracing new possibilities. 38:00

Understanding that your success from other things can be applied to your running journey and vice versa. 45:10

The importance of focusing on today. 48:40

Accepting the fact that the people...

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140: What Happened to My Running Motivation?

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

 Lack of motivation is a real issue that many runners are facing.  While it’s easy to simply say, choose to be motivated, it’s a little more complicated that just that.  We live in a world full of options and choices.  We are often bombarded with endless possibilities.  Choice creates a feeling of freedom.  In this current time period, the power of choice is becoming strikingly clear.  Today, we want to talk about how you have always had choice and how you can use that to highlight your power and bring the most joy to your running and life.  This power of choice can help bring us out of a motivational funk.


Highlights of the Episode:

When the urgency factor goes down the drain. 3:10

Assessing the reasons or issues that make our choices so much harder. 4:23

Finding the other good reasons why you run – there should be other good reasons that you might have not noticed before. 8:48

The thing called friendly competition....

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139: TMI? Some Things Only Runners Understand

Uncategorized May 07, 2020

Running has a way of bringing down some of the privacy walls we put up around us.  There is a saying that everything comes out on a long run.  Sharing personal experiences and feelings can be very cathartic and we have mentioned that before.  Today, we go intimate, but not in a super emotional way.  We cover the areas of running that most people just do not understand unless they are a runner.  From feet to tummy trouble, it’s time to open up about the funkier side of running.

Highlights of the Episode:

The runner connection. 2:17

Blisters and easy fixes. 8:31

Purple and missing toe nails. 18:08

Choosing the right running shoe size. 18:11

For female runners: The connection between pregnancy and your running shoe size. 23:00

Chafing – what most people have probably experienced. 26:20

Tummy troubles: why do runners end up having GI issues?. 33:43

Bowel movements. 37:17

Runner’s trots. 38:50

Reconsidering your food intake types before and...

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138: The Things That Might Be Missing From Your Running Foundation

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Runners love to run and if you talk to them about building a foundation, they will give you all sorts of stats about base mileage and speed workouts.  However, the complete picture of a well rounded foundation needs to include strength and mobility.  Without these ingredients our running is held back from its maximum potential.  Runners don’t want to be told that they have a limit on their potential, but how often are we actually holding ourselves back by simply logging miles and not seeing the importance of strong and mobile muscles and joints?


Strength training and mobility work are essential ingredients for a strong running foundation.  Are these missing from your training plan? 



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137: What Makes The Running Community So Special?

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Runners love other runners.  We love to talk about running and training and racing.  We will compare shoes and workouts and anything else we can think of.  Running, at its best, breaks down barriers because we all know that we run and we have that in common.  In this time we are physically distant, it is important to remember the value of community. 

Highlights of the Episode:

The nature of human beings physically drawn to one another. 3:18

The different aspects of human beings and their needs. 10:36

The natural behavior of human frequency. 14:50

The RLR Tribe. 22:18

The RLR Tribe spot on challenge. 25:06

Community and learning – how they work together. 30:06

Why community is important. 35:55

The importance of knowing whether you’re in the right community or not. 41:35

Eliminating the gap among runners. 48:05

Connection - What matters most right now. 54:50


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136: 9 Tips for Running in the Time of COVID

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2020

While much of the world is locked down, stuck at home, and quarantined, in many locations runners are still able to get out and exercise.  In this episode we cover some practical issues related to running and exercising during the quarantine. Simple guidance that you could put into practice today.  We offer 9 practical tips to maintain safety when running during this era of COVID.

Highlights of the Episode:

Tips for social distance running. 2:13

  1. Exercise in public places but not crowded places. 2:20
  2. When running along a road, use the sidewalk and a bike path to safely pass others. 7:58
  3. Run solo or pair up if you must. 12:46
  4. Remember your strength days. 24:57
  5. Understand the surface that you are running on. 29:17
  6. What if to do if you are short on time. 32:54
  7. What to do when you have no one to watch your kids. 35:55
  8. What’s a better thing to do when you have extra time on your hands. 40:45
  9. Create a goal. 44:25


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