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001: Quality vs. Quantity: In our running, health, and relationships

podcast running Sep 28, 2017


Hey there!  Thanks so much for tuning in to our first episode of the Real Life Runners podcast!

In this episode, we dig into the concept of quality vs. quantity, and how that topic can relate to running, our health, and our relationships.  It’s a topic of debate in all of these areas, so we break it down and give you actionable steps to improve each area today!


Most training plans are broken up into 2 overall philosophies: Quality vs. Quantity.  We talk about the difference between each approach, and which approach we believe in, based on our research, human physiology, and our experience with runners on all levels.  

We give you our general guidelines on minimal weekly mileage for certain race distances, and talk about why your weekly mileage depends on your goal.  If you are looking to just finish a goal race, then you can get away with the minimal mileage guidelines, but if you are looking to hit a specific time or personal best...

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