Take Control of Your Running and Achieve the Results You’ve Always Wanted

Discover how to transform your running and your life from the inside out.


Running is about so much more than just running.  Running is a metaphor for life.  There are ups and downs, highs and lows, and obstacles that we must overcome.  We can use our running to make us stronger both physically and mentally.


How much has your running improved in the last year?  If you’re not where you want to be and think you might be capable of more, the Real Life Runners Training Team is for you.

This program is for runners of all abilities who want to see amazing results in their running, overcome obstacles, and apply those lessons to improve the rest of their lives.


You will learn how to take control of your thoughts and your habits and create the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted by following a plan that is right for you.

Join the Real Life Runners Training Team and get all of the tools you need to completely transform your running from the inside out.



Are you ready to transform your running and improve your life?

If you feel stuck, frustrated, or just not where you want to be, watch the video below to learn all about the program that you’ve been waiting for.


Here’s What You Get Inside The Real Life Runners Training Team

When you join the RLR Training Team, you get instant access to all of the tools you need to start making changes immediately.

This includes

  • Live weekly coaching calls
  • Monthly focus topics and classes
  • Training plans that incorporate running and strength, made for all levels and abilities, including race-training and non-race training plans, with multiple levels of customization and personalization according to your needs
  • Access to coaches and a doctor of physical therapy to answer questions and guide you through challenges in your training
  • A team of like-minded runners to cheer you on along your journey
  • The Real Life Runners Training Academy, a vault of audio and video lessons about any topic you might be wondering about
  • The RLR Strength Academy, a comprehensive exercise library with strength and mobility circuits created for runners to run stronger and avoid injury
  • The RLR Recipe Library, filled with healthy and delicious recipes to nourish your body
  • and so much more.


This alone is an immense amount of value for what you pay every month, but you will get even more.

You will learn how to apply the Real Life Runners Training System to your running and life to achieve success.


The Real Life Runners Training System is a comprehensive framework to help you to train your mind, body, and skills for success.  It is a holistic way of looking at your training and your life to figure out why you don’t currently have the results you want, and what you need to change in order to get them.


It’s not just about the number of miles you run, your pace, or even your plan.  It’s about looking at your thoughts, your habits, and your lifestyle, so that you can start to make true and lasting changes that will lead to your ultimate success and feeling in control of your outcomes.

Take control of your thoughts

Build a strong running foundation

Improve your running skills

Train with clarity and purpose

Build a healthy lifestyle around your running

If you’re ready to create the healthy lifestyle and results that you’ve always wanted and feel amazing in the process, you’re in the right place.

The Real Life Runners Training Team is the solution if you have tried other things that just haven’t worked and now you are ready to create lasting change in your running and the rest of your life. 

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before.  Yes, it will help your running, but it will also help you to create the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always wanted, both physically and mentally.

By training with this system, you’ll not only transform your running, but also the rest of your life in the process.


Get started today for only $39 for team membership.  It’s the best coaching value you will ever find.

If you’re looking for more personalization and attention, we also offer upgrades for customized training plans and personalized coaching after you join the team. 

You can create the results that you’ve always wanted with the Real Life Runners Training Team.

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What Our Team Members Are Saying

"I hit my 2020 running goal today!

I remember Angie and Kevin Brown asking us at the beginning of the year our goal and I was scared to admit mine because it seemed so unrealistic... and then, I DID IT! When they talk about "running your life" it is really true! Running shows you what you're capable of and trickles into other areas of life! Rising to the occasion of this goal has created an up-leveling in so many areas of my life. Just keep running and you'll achieve everything you desire! Now for the next goal in running and in life."


"Had my first multi-system run today of my 5k training plan and it was a huge difference than that of just a couple of days ago.

Despite my hamstrings being sore as a result of my yoga session the evening before, I actually felt my glutes activating and working. My form and breathing were better synced and more fluid, and I felt overall more relaxed and present. The modifications made to my plan have made a definite improvement in my anxiety and enjoyment level. Thank you, Kevin and Angie Brown for making those adjustments."


"I have PR'ed every distance I've run this year, and I owe that to you, Angie and Kevin.

Thank you for providing the structure I need to improve. I am sure my PR would have been more than a minute if it hadn't been so hot and hilly - elevation gain of 847 ft."


"I got a new PB!

I am part of my local run club and they have 5k run trials. My 5k time was 45:53 back in July 2020. Today's 5k run was great, and I got a new PB, 34:25! Is it really possible to improve that much in a few short months? Before I thought it was an impossible goal but now I feel it's an achievable goal! Thank you, coaches, and team members for all your support and guidance. I am so grateful to be here. RLRTT members - you rock! I am such a strong runner!"


"Throughout the past year with their coaching, I have grown as a runner in ways I never saw possible!

My relationship with running has changed throughout this process from something I felt I needed to do to something I look forward to and privileged that I am able to do. I could not have done successfully this without the guidance and support of Kevin and Angie. Their ability to challenge me through workouts that are fun and varied has kept running exciting from week to week. I look forward to seeing the runs each week and feel like I am always working in the sweet spot of challenging without injury risk/fear."


"I am already a minute faster at my average pace than I was when I started a month ago!

Having a group who understands the runner side of me has meant the world to me! I have not only gained confidence as a runner but also as a person! I know I can push myself and I can accomplish hard things.  It is so exciting to see the progress, but also to have Angie and Kevin be so accessible. They have been right there with me the whole way."


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