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Are you ready to take your running to the next level? 

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Are you ready to hire a running coach?

Have you followed generic training programs in the past and gotten bored because it was too easy or been pushed too quickly and found yourself unable to complete the program?

Do you have past injuries or needs that deserve specialized attention from a coach and physical therapist that understands YOU and YOUR BODY and will design a program JUST FOR YOU!??!!


Welcome to our Personalized Coaching program!  

Kevin and Angie love working with athletes individually to create a program specific to your needs, goals, and abilities.  
Personalized coaching is the safest and smartest way to train.  Running is a sport that demands calculated training plans to help you to reach your goals, minimize the risk of injury, and feel great in the process!!  
We do not use pre-set templates.  We develop each plan individually to take YOU into account, including your current abilities, goals, vacations, family and work commitments, and anything else that is in your real life!  You are a real life runner, so we need to take all of that into account when creating the best program for you.


We require a minimum 3 month commitment.  Developing into a runner and athlete takes time.  The beginning of any new training plan can be rough as your body gets used to the new demands and training loads.  Three months allows your body enough time to start to reap the benefits of our coaching program.  We want you to be successful, so committing to a 3 month program is going to help to ensure that success for years to come.  We want to develop you into an athlete and a runner for life, so the first 3-6 months are critical in this development to ensure that you have a solid base and foundation moving forward.  
We are currently accepting a small number of personalized clients in order to serve you the best way possible.  We limit how many clients that we take on, so that you will always receive our best, and not just be a number in the crowd.



"I have done 5 half marathons in the past but then got plagued by injuries - torn ligaments away from my heel (required a hard cast, then boot) then pain in my hip too much to run. Now I’m running under your plan - pain free!"

Anne L.

"After 4 years of running, I felt stuck with a PR of 1:51 for my half marathon. After just 12 weeks of training with Kevin and Angie I ran the Disney Princess half, felt strong and confident, and finished the race with a 1:48! Kevin and Angie know what they're talking about. They're incredibly responsive to questions and serve as your own personal cheering squad. I highly, highly recommend them!"

Colleen W.

"My experience with the RLR 30 Day Intermediate plan was just what I was looking for. I needed something to get me back running and moving again and that’s what it did. The 30 minute timeframe was easy to fit into my busy schedule and the variety in the workouts kept it interesting."

Steve S.

"Angie and Kevin were a perfect fit for me. They understand the everyday obstacles we all face and are there as coaches to get you through them. I have worked with many online coaches and had one-to-one trainers and nobody gave me what they can -- their patience and experience is immeasurable."

Christina C.

""If you’re looking for someone to give you amazing guided direction on where to begin that looks at the whole body to improve your health then look no further. These plans are specifically tailored to not only your goals but takes into account your own personal health and history as well as tackles nutrition to ensure you get the maximum benefits of exercise."

Natalie K.

Our Personalized coaching program includes:

  • A customized training plan developed just for you, taking into account your training history and abilities, which includes running workouts, strength workouts, and drills built in

  • A comprehensive initial assessment, to look at training history, goal setting, footwear, and evaluation of current abilities

  • A run test, video running gait analysis, tests to assess muscle strength and imbalance

  • A targeted strength plan to target your specific weaknesses and prevent possible injuries before they begin

  • Access to your two coaches via email and the Final Surge app

  • Weekly tracking and feedback for your runs and workouts 

  • Adjustments to your training plan, based on progress

  • Long term race planning

  • Race strategy development

  • Education in nutritional strategies for overall health and race performance

  • Access to your plan in Final Surge, a coaching app used by elites and coaches around the world with a custom program built for you from the ground up

  • Access to our comprehensive exercise library, including exercises for strengthening, stretching, mobility, and injury prevention

Are you ready to see what you are capable of?

Our personalized coaching packages start at $99/month, and are limited to a small number of clients, so that we can give each person the attention that they deserve.

Meet Your Coaches

Kevin is a highly decorated runner and coach with over 20 years of running experience and over 10 years of coaching experience with runners of all levels and abilities.  He has won first place in countless races, ranging from marathons to 5ks, with a recent marathon victory in 2017.

Angie is a physical therapist with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has been practicing for over 10 years and has helped to rehab hundreds of athletes from injury. She has worked closely with runners on all levels, from recreational runners and high school athletes to college and professional runners, not only to treat injury, but also to design programs to prevent injury and improve strength and speed.


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