Day 4: REPROGRAM the Way You Think and Train (Run Faster Without Pushing Harder Challenge)

It’s Day 4, and you’re still here!  That’s awesome! Please take a minute and just say thank you to yourself for sticking to it and not giving up. 

Just showing up everyday is more than half the battle.

With this challenge, you are already proving to yourself that change is possible and that you can be consistent. 

Commit to yourself, show up, put in the work, and anything is possible.

Yesterday you started to see how some of your thoughts about running could be holding you back.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the replay of our live training inside our challenge FB group here or on our challenge access page here.  

Like you have heard us say this week, the most important piece of your success is YOU.  You need to learn how to train in a way that is right for YOU, YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR lifestyle.  If you follow generic plans or copy what you see others doing, you likely aren’t getting the results that you really want.  You are an individual, and there’s no one else exactly like you, with your exact circumstances, so your training needs to fit into your life.  It needs to be enjoyable (at least most of the time!) so that you’ll actually stick to it.  So today is all about YOU.


Today we are going to uncover what you think about YOU as a runner and start to REPROGRAM any unhelpful thoughts that might be keeping you stuck.  So many frustrated runners don’t realize the power that their thoughts have over their running.  When they don’t make progress, they start to label themselves, thinking things like, “Oh, I’m just a slow runner,” or “I run, but I’m not really a runner,” or “I’m just not good at running.”  They start to compare themselves to others and think that they aren’t good enough or that something must be wrong with them, since they aren’t improving like other people are.  If this sounds familiar, you might even feel like an imposter, like you don’t really belong at races or in running groups because you just aren’t fast enough or you don’t run long enough. 

Think about it.  If you think you’re just a slow runner, will you really do what is necessary to improve? Or will you likely sabotage yourself along the way, thinking it’s probably not even worth the effort?  What you believe about yourself has EVERYTHING to do with how you perform as a runner and the satisfaction that you feel with running.  

This is something really worth digging into because it can affect your running and literally every other area of your life.  Our brain is constantly looking for ways to label everything in our lives, and it likes to be right more than anything else.  When we start to notice this, we can then start to reprogram the way that we think about ourselves and then create different results in our lives.  

This is where it gets really good. This is the key to unlock a complete transformation in your running and in every other area of your life.  If you haven’t been able to join us live yet, this is the day you’re going to want to do your best to do so.  This is powerful, life-changing stuff.  

Download the Action Guide now

Download the action guide or use a separate sheet of paper to record your answers:

What kind of runner do you think you are? 

After answering that question, read through this post on Instagram, and decide which of the 7 types of runners you have been until now.  Comment under the post with your answer.

Who do you think you need to be to achieve the results you want?

How do you want to identify yourself moving forward?


Remember to join us live today at 12pm EDT inside the challenge FB group where we will be uncovering who you have been until now and deciding who you want to be moving forward!


See you today at noon!