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The Real Life Runners Training Academy 

Becoming a Real Life Runner is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to run stronger, faster, and longer without injury, boredom, and wasting your time with hours of pointless training.


Becoming a Real Life Runner is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to master your mindset and optimize your training in order to break through injury and plateaus, achieve your goals, and unlock your true potential, in running and in life.


 Do you want to improve your running, but feel like you just lack the knowledge on what you need to do and need guidance on the best ways to train? 


Have you had success in running, but now find yourself sidelined or slowed down by injury or the dreaded plateau, wondering if you will ever get to where you want to be? 


Is it sometimes hard for you to get out the door and find time for your running, and you think that you just need more motivation and accountability for you to succeed?  



If you have been nodding your head to any or all of these, read on...

What would it feel like to...

Feel confident in your knowledge and your abilities, knowing that you are following a training plan that is right for you that will lead to success

Run faster and longer without getting so tired

Run stronger, no matter what your age or current fitness level, by training smarter and optimizing the benefit of every workout

Avoid injury and plateaus, allowing you to train consistently, and achieve true and long-lasting health benefits

Feel good and love running, not just slug through it, waiting for it to be over

Wake up everyday with energy, excitement and a sense of direction, having an exact plan to follow (or the ability to modify it intelligently if needed!)

Look - the reason you've been struggling more than thriving in your running isn't because "you don't have the time" or "maybe this running thing just isn't right" for you.  


You're having a hard time because the one-size-fits-all strategies you've been trying to implement from free training plans and guides, Facebook group challenges, and following the same plan and workouts that your friends are doing are NOT the answer.


It's time to take a new, customized approach to your running life.

It’s all possible with the

Real Life Runners Training Academy

We’ll show you how! 


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We created the Real Life Runners Training Academy when we realized that so many people that run were struggling with lack of time, not knowing what to do, decreased motivation, recurrent running injuries, and lack of belief in themselves. 


They would try to look for answers in online, listen to podcasts, or ask for feedback in online running groups, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed.


They would compare themselves to others, try to do what they were doing, and then end up frustrated, burnt out, or injured.   


We’ve experienced it, studied this problem for over 10 years and have found the solution.  


As a result, we've been able to transform our running, our lives and the lives of others!


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Meet Natalie.

She went from never running a step in her life, to completing her first half marathon in a year and completely transforming her health.

She was plagued by severe asthma for her entire life, in and out of the hospital, on inhalers and breathing treatments.  

"My biggest challenge was figuring out what to do and how to just get started. I wasn’t sure what would be the best way for me to start working out with my asthma that would ease me in and not push me too hard. I felt very anxious because there’s so much information on the internet and so much conflicting information. Plus my doctor kept saying I wouldn’t ever be able to run for lengths of time and that I should look into swimming for cardio exercise.

However, under Angie and Kevin's guidance, I started seeing change in everything. I was running longer and not getting winded or needing my inhaler at all. I started seeing that I could do this and that I was loving it. Also my fears of injuries and asthma attacks were diminishing because I was getting stronger each month!

I would say that if you’re looking for someone to give you amazing guided direction on where to begin that looks at the whole body to improve your health then look no further. These plans are specifically tailored to your goals, your personal health and history, and nutrition to ensure you get the maximum benefits of exercise. Adding the strengthening days has made all the difference to ensure I can increase the miles and not get injured!

I am so grateful to Kevin and Angie for getting me to where I am today. A healthier and stronger me!!  Not only did I run two half marathons confidently because of their training plan, but I'm also in awe of myself that I am so much healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been!!  For the first time in my life, all of my pulmonary function tests came back completely normal.  


Running has literally transformed my health and my life more than I ever could have imagined."

Your Plan for Running Success in Just 3 Simple Steps:

1. Shift Your Mindset

2. Optimize Your Training

3. Unlock Your True Potential




Here’s how it works: 

The RLR Training Academy is a membership and online training program designed specifically for runners with busy lives who want to improve their running in order to live healthier, more vibrant lives. 


With RLRTA, you get the step-by-step training and expert support you need in order to find your perfect training plan and focus on what works for YOU. 


When you join RLR Training Academy, you will have access to: 


The Real Life Runners Framework, our signature system consisting of 7 pillars that every runner needs, presented in audio and video lessons for you to learn and understand everything you need to master your running.

Live weekly coaching calls for members only, where we go deeper into the things truly holding you back, check in with you to see how you are doing, and answer any questions you may have.

The RLR Library of Training Plans, which include race training plans for all distances, base building plans to safely increase mileage, and offseason plans for those times between races to allow you to improve/maintain your fitness, take a break from race training, and not have to start back at square one when you are ready to race again.

The RLR Strength Academy, including strength and core circuits for runners, planned out so all you have to do is press play, as well as a massive library of exercise videos  so that you can be sure that you are performing exercises correctly to target your weak areas and minimize chance of injury.

Exclusive membership to a growing community of other smart & savvy Real Life Runners who are sharing their running journeys and supporting each other in the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

24/7 INSTANT access, including all updates - so you're always in the loop, leading the pack, and primed to follow the plan that's right for you. 

Journal Prompts and Assessments to help you shift your mindset and implement changes and new habits into your life, to ensure that you are truly transforming your running and your life.  






In order to become a real life runner, you must start thinking like one!

We all know that Running is a Mental Sport, so Mastering Your Mind is the MOST CRITICAL component for success - but most people either ignore it or are thinking about it all backwards!

Inside Module #1, you will discover: 

  • The #1 Way That SUCCESSFUL Runners Think and Act
  • How to UNCOVER Your Limiting Beliefs so you can finally feel what it's like to be UNSTOPPABLE!
  • How To Truly Step Into Your Role as The MASTER of Your Running and Your Life 
  • ...and more!



  • Discover how to train by effort and feel instead of being tied to pace, and how this improves your own understanding of your body
  • How running by effort can not only free your mind, but also help you to train smarter and get faster! 
  • How to gauge intensity of a training session and how to balance that with your other runs throughout the week! 
  • ...and more!


  • How to properly perform a warm up and cool down for best results!
  •  The how's, when's, and why's of performing a run test and when you don't need to worry about it!
  • Explanations of different types of speed workouts, when they should be used, and how to modify them for the best results! 
  • ...and more!



  • The how, when and why to add strength training into your running routine, and education on the most important muscles that we need to strengthen as runners!
  • Exactly what to do to get stronger and more injury-proof as a runner, planned out in progressive strength circuits, designed by a doctor of physical therapy!
  • Video demonstrations and instructions so that you know you are performing each exercise correctly!
  • The best way for YOU to fit strength training into your schedule for the best results, even if you don't like doing it!
  • ...and more!


  • Finally! The explanation of the difference between mobility and flexibility and which one is more important for you as a runner!
  • Discover simple techniques that you can do in 5 minutes to improve how you move and feel!
  • Self-assessment tests that you can  (and SHOULD) perform to see where your specific deficits lie and what to do about it! 
  • ...and more!



  • How to hold your body while running to avoid wear and tear and decrease the likelihood of break down
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build a strong running form and foundation from the ground up
  • The role of arm swing and how it can help you go faster, solve common aches and pains, and conserve more energy once you master it
  • ...and more!


  • How to improve your breathing so that you can run further without getting tired!
  • Breathing techniques that you can use during a race to feel stronger and avoid those darn side stitches!
  • How to improve your breathing and lung capacity when you're not running to help your breathing while you are running! 
  • ...and more!



  • How to understand the difference between pain, soreness, and fatigue!
  • How to really know how much sleep you need for success!
  • How to fit in rest days, meditation, and self care as tools for continued improvement! 
  • ...and more!



  • The actual amount of water that you need to drink during the day and out on a run to prevent dehydration-related illness!
  • How to fuel as an athlete, before, during, and after a run
  • Eating for your body type, weight loss and running, and understanding how macronutrients can affect you! 
  • ...and more!



  • Set goals that reflect your values and priorities!
  • How to build a training plan that's right for you and understand how to cycle your training to avoid plateaus!
  • ...and more!



  • Understand RUNNING JARGON and terms so that you can talk to other runners confidently!
  • How to know if your RUNNING SHOES are right for you and understand the different types of shoes available!
  • Clothing, compression, runner safety, sun protection, and listening to music while running! 
  • ...and more!


  • Understand what's going on in the body with common running injuries
  • Know how to assess and treat common running injuries, including specific exercise recommendations
  • Learn how to treat yourself with soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Know when you should use heat, ice, or other modalities
  • ...and more!


  • Enjoy a member discount on RLR running gear
  • Periodic special discounts on recommended products or races
  • ...and more!

We are Kevin and Angie Brown, and we thought we had it all figured out, until it all came crashing down, which led us to truly dig deep, research, and figure out the keys behind true and lasting success.

We came from very different running backgrounds.  Kevin always accepted himself as a runner, winning accolades in high school and running for a Division I university team in college, but he operated from the do more, work harder, push harder mentality, which lead him down a path of injury and burn out.  

After college, he started coaching himself with the same mentality, leading to more success, including multiple top 3 finishes in 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and even a first place finish in his 3rd marathon ever, until a random series of seizures in 2017 stopped him in his tracks.  Apparently, this was not the best way to train, and we needed to figure out a better way.   


Angie ran, but never considered herself a runner, so she would allow herself to make excuses, find reasons not to run, and not really push herself to get better.  When she hurt her back and couldn’t pick up her kids, sit on the floor to play with them, and saw how her health was affecting her ability to show up as the mother and person that she wanted to be in this world, she knew something had to change. 

With a doctorate degree in physical therapy, she knew how to rehab her back, but it went deeper than that. She needed to reorganize her life and prioritize all of the things that she had been neglecting.  


We read, researched, experimented, earned more certifications, and then created a system to help others get the same benefits.  We created a framework to incorporate running into our real lives in the best way possible.


We transformed into Real Life Runners, and everything changed. 

We've seen the amazing results that we have gotten for ourselves and our clients, and have seen the positive impact that it has had in our lives outside of running as well.  We now coach athletes around the world to do the same, to truly take on this identity, optimize their training with our proven framework, and see the amazing impact that it can have on their running and their entire life.  


We believe that there is greatness in all of us, and running is a pathway for us to find it.  Running helps us to challenge ourselves, teaches us lessons about perseverance, working hard, and succeeding.

 It proves to us that we can do hard things, that we are strong, that we are capable of so much more. 


"Today I am stronger physically and mentally. I'm a very happy real life runner 😀.

I previously attempted to train myself using off the shelf generic training plans, with a limited degree of success. A year ago I started work with Kevin and Angie; they developed a unique training plan for me; customized to my strengths and weaknesses, which fit around my lifestyle, allowing me to run some fantastic PRs and achieve amazing results with my running."

-Joanne T.

”Through the guidance of Kevin and Angie, I was able to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible and saw pace numbers that I never dreamed I could hit, let alone sustain for any given time.” 

After just 3 months of coaching, I cut 17 minutes off of my half marathon time. 

During this time, my husband was suffering from some medical problems. I found that running allowed me to get through each day with a better headspace and to be a supportive wife and mother. 

Throughout the past year with their coaching, I have grown as a runner in ways I never saw possible.  My relationship with running has changed throughout this process from something I felt I needed to do to something I look forward to and privileged that I am able to do.  I could not have done as successfully this without the guidance and support of Kevin and Angie.  Their ability to challenge me through workouts that are fun and varied has kept running exciting from week to week.  I look forward to seeing the runs each week and feel like I am always working in the sweet spot of challenging without injury risk/fear.

- Kate B. 





You run and strength train consistently, following a plan that’s right for you.

You can say with confidence, “I am a real life runner”, aligned with a vision and a plan to help you become the runner you want to be.

You run to challenge yourself, to see what you are truly capable of achieving

You make healthy choices and choose healthier foods to support and nourish your runner’s body.

You find joy in living a healthy life and run because you want to (not because you have to).

You look happy, fit, and healthy.  People compliment you on your physical appearance but even more, on how you seem more present, more joyful, and more alive!

You feel strong and confident, and you work out because you love your body.

You have more energy, and you are more present with the people in your life.

You are more focused, more productive, and find yourself excelling in other areas of your life outside of running.

You inspire other people to make changes and live healthier lives.



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Sure, you could continue to figure it all out yourself. 

Though if you’re anything like us, you want to be able to take charge of your running and your health, with guidance from experts that you can trust and won't break the bank.


The solution is simple.


Join the Real Life Runners Training Academy

and BECOME the runner that you want to be.


Know once and for all how to integrate running, strength training, mobility, stretching, recovery, and self care to take care of you as a whole person.


Important Note: It matters to us that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your if you're not willing to do the work, don't bother signing up.  This system will only work if you are willing to put in the time and effort to become the best version of yourself.  

Since this is a monthly membership, you may cancel at any time, 48 hours prior to your next billing cycle.  If you choose the annual option and decide to cancel, your refund will be prorated based on the current monthly membership price.  See Refund Policy for full details.  


Choose from our convenient payment options




The RLR Framework, to truly help you transform into a real life runner!

The RLR Library of Training Plans

The RLR Strength Academy

Live weekly Q&A coaching calls

Runner Injury and Treatment Library 

Journal prompts and assessments to guide you on your journey

A Private Members Only Community








The RLR Framework, to truly help you transform into a real life runner!

The RLR Library of Training Plans

The RLR Strength Academy

Live weekly Q&A coaching calls

Runner Injury and Treatment Library 

Journal prompts and assessments to guide you on your journey

A Private Members Only Community

BONUS: A free RLR running tank!


(That's almost 2 months free!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are a few things that our clients and customers ask, along with our responses. If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email the RLR team at [email protected]

We never want to lock you into anything that is not helping you, so there is no contract or minimum commitment.  Cancel anytime if you find this program is not for you. We do recommend at least 3-6 months for the best results, because sometimes finding the right plan and right balance for you takes trial adjustments.  We are here to help and guide, but results take time.  The longer you commit, the more benefits you will gain. See our refund policy for full details.

We offer two upgrade options for our members.  The first is a one-time fee for a personalized plan.  This plan is delivered via pdf and is made just for you.  The second is our personalized coaching option, with access to our coaching app, more interaction with your coaches, and adjustments to your plan on a regular basis.  Both are available as upgrades to our Academy members.

This membership is here to give you what you need.  The biggest aspect is shifting your mindset, training plans that work, access to your coaches, and community support and accountability.  You can easily integrate other forms of cross training into your plan, and if you need help, our team is here to assist and guide you.

“I found Angie and Kevin and the Real Life Runners podcast and knew they would be perfect.

They were exactly what I was looking for and needed, so I reached out to them and bought a 30 day running plan but that was not a perfect fit for me. They realized and we readjusted.
Together, we created a new plan to get me to my half marathon goal; to run it under 2 hours and I did just that!

I set that goal for myself and they got me there! The app, their emails, their exercises.....everything was perfect. A perfect fit.

The knowledge that they both have combined is excellent. They are always there for me and answered all of my questions…and I had a lot!

They knew where to make me push harder and when to take it easy.

–Christina Chiechi

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