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MARCH 30, 2020!

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The RLR Training Academy is the only STEP-BY-STEP system to help you RUN FASTER, RUN LONGER, AND GET STRONGER, so that you can stay motivated, get out of pain, run consistently, and LOVE running!



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Created For The Runner Who's...

  •  Struggling to stay CONSISTENT and MOTIVATED 
  • Sick and Tired of being on an endless cycle of injury
  • Wanting to know the best way to train and understand EXACTLY what they need to succeed
  • Trying to put together the 500-piece running and health PUZZLE (without the picture, the process, or the people to help you)
  • Feeling frustrated and bored by lack of progress and doing the same thing over and over with no results

Shelly B.

"Working with Angie and Kevin has given me so much more than run coaching.  Their podcasts, coaching, and workouts have given me confidence and belief in myself.  Belief that I am in charge and can #runmylife by the choices I make.  I am a better wife, mom, teacher, and friend thanks to my work with Real Life Runners, Kevin and Angie."

Christina C.

"I recommend, correction….I highly recommend working with them.  Their plans, their coaching style, the app, the workouts, the podcasts, the recipes…everything is amazing!  And above everything else, they are real and down to earth. They get the everyday obstacles we all face and are there as coaches to get you through them.  I have worked with many coaches on line and one to one and nobody gave me what they can, their patience and experience is immeasurable."

The only online STRATEGIC RUNNING SYSTEM that works, regardless of your level —

...THAT SAYS "NO!"  hours of pointless training...

and hands you the EXACT TRAINING PLANS & EXECUTION GUIDES that take you from running in circles to running your life! 


And move from

"How do I actually get better" to "I AM A REAL LIFE RUNNER!”

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