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Real Life Running Journey

Nathaly Bonilla

I had been running consistently for 2 years and I started with RLR podcast and academy after Key West 2019.

Real Life Runners has given me the power to understand how to treat my body better and maximize my runs. How to slow down, appreciate every run, run easy when needed, run hard when desired, take a moment to pause, re-assess, recalibrate and continue our lives in a healthy way. I have been injury-free, and I don't feel as sore everyday as I used to last year because of their advice.

Angie and Kevin have transmitted to me the value of self love and love to others; taught me that we are capable of many things; that not everyday can be the best, but it counts to the end; that we are strong; that we need to believe in ourselves, that no matter what we are humans and we are real life runners, that I am a real life runner! Finally, RLR has encouraged me to be a hero, the hero in my journey where we have to find our way to be better as a person, as a human, and as an athlete. Let's go find our way!


Jennifer Jarvis

I've been running for most of my adult life and didn't realize how much I enjoyed it until having to do it while I served in the Army. Running has become an important part of my self care for which I can mentally reset and just focus myself on my day.

I've had Kevin and Angie as coaches for  over a year and I love working with them and listening to the podcast. I feel that their podcasts always fit in my running and thoughts that I've had that week. The biggest thing that they have helped me with is helping to take each race individually and not compare it to a previous best or previous race. Despite being a runner for many years they are helping me recognize that progress doesn't always have to be measured by the time on the finish clock. Progress to me has been a mental improvement in my own perspective and my own mindset.

They have helped me to have one of my most consistent years of running. I know with Kevin and Angie that I will eventually reach my crazy goal of obtaining a Boston qualifier. This community and the podcast are always so inspiring and I love seeing everyone push each other! Thank you!


Jill Gadzinski

I started running to get a turkey medal. I'm being mostly serious. Running my first 10k last fall also seemed like a good way to jump-start my commitment to back to fitness. I followed a plan off of the internet, completed the race, and was happy with my sense of accomplishment! I wanted to keep going but didn't know where to go next. That's what initially made me decide to join the RLR Training Academy - I just needed a plan.

While following the recommendations of the coaching program, I quickly realized it was not just helpful to learn how to run farther. I found I was prioritizing myself in a way I had not in many years. I was eating better. I was sleeping more. I was realizing that I am much more capable than my brain tells me I am sometimes. I was realizing I had slowly stopped being able to receive compliments, and I had filled my thoughts with a lot of negative self-talk. Instead, I started running my life.

I was much more physically and mentally healthy, and it overflowed into everything else. I am so grateful for this now more than ever.


Danielle Power

I have always wanted to run, but for one reason or another many times, I had tried and then had given up. In October 2019, at 43 years old I decided that I wanted to become a runner, though I was not totally sure I could. I was introduced to the Browns and joined an 8-week coaching program that took me to my first 5k.

In previous attempts at running, I had been plagued with some knee problems and sciatica issues that were of concern to me as I began, but the program eased my body into running and I was pleasantly surprised that my body was cooperating. When something did arise they were able to point me in the right direction and I was back to running in no time. After my first 5k, I was hooked! I couldn't wait to learn more and become a better runner! I loved the way it made me feel and I was proud of the progress I was making. I have been able to improve my cardiovascular health, become a stronger and faster runner, and have seen my entire body change.

I enjoy being a part of the team because of the community, encouragement, and accountability offers. Thanks to Angie and Kevin, as well as the whole team who challenge me to be a better runner. You are all amazing! Happy Running!


Guy Fitzgerald

I found you guys through podcasts. You have been a breath of fresh air and running knowledge for my 45-minute ride to and from work.  Probably the most important thing I have taken from you is the importance of strength training. It's not something I ever did. You also helped me to realize the importance of getting in front of pain before it becomes a major issue. After last year's injury, I have finally conceded to slowing down and allowing my body to heal and recover, not something that comes easy to me.

I have been keeping up with the strength days plus the challenges, which is a plus. I'm on the 2nd week of the 2nd month.

I always think this and never tell you guys. What you are doing is Awesome. It reminds me so much of AA. The things you talk about. The outlook you have on life. The positivity is infectious. The wisdom and love that you project is something I have been ignoring for many years. Not that it wasn't always there for me. I just chose to ignore it. You and Kevin have helped me to ignite my inner desire to be better.

Thank you for doing what you guys do. I look forward to every step of my journey as a Real Life Runner.

Amazing Results from Real Life Runners:

"Kevin and Angie have contributed so much to my success as a real life runner.

They have taught me to have confidence in my abilities and not to beat myself up when life interferes with my running plans. Prior to working with Kevin and Angie, a bad race result would be a huge discouragement. With their wonderful podcast and coaching insights, I've turned such an experience into an opportunity to grow and improve. I look forward to accomplishing more of my running goals in the future."


"13.1 done and a new PR!

Shaved off 6 minutes and made it under 10 pace. The wind was rough this morning, my first 5 miles didn’t go as planned so I had to chase my pace and I did two bridges which I don’t usually do but I actually love them but they do cost energy. Anyhow, the main goal was to finish this crazy year strong and I’m happy to say I sure did! I upped my monthly mileage significantly with no injuries and that alone was all worth it. I finally made it over 100 miles guys. thank you for the support and for keeping me accountable!"


"Joining the RLR program has been the greatest investment I have made for both my physical and mental health.

Kevin and Angie are my greatest support. Their plans are holistic, well researched, and flexible. Not only are they incredible coaches but good humans who understand the challenges of life.

I would have never believed a year ago that I would be looking forward to a casual 12 mile run on a Saturday morning. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for having them in my life and on my team. Following their coaching plan has made my body strong and my mind capable of pushing to these new times and distances. We are working on a half marathon plan now but I can’t help but think...marathon?...maybe!"


"Ran my best 5k in a long time thanks to the Real Life Runners Training Academy!

Really didn’t think I’d ever get below an 11-minute pace again, but Kevin & Angie Brown had a plan for me. Not only did I run negative splits, but I was still passing people up until the finish. I’ve never done that before! So grateful for my coaches & this tribe."


"Yesterday I ran my first half marathon as part of #melbmara virtual week!

I have been aiming for this distance for literally years but it always felt like a pipe dream before Real Life Runners. Super big thanks to Angie and Kevin for your amazing program and all the support that made this possible.

During the fourth loop of this 5k track, I started thinking that perhaps the distance wasn't for me after all... but 12 hours later I am all for my next attempt."


"Thank you Angie Brown for all the support and for helping me find the program that works for me!

I was able to get out and do my run this morning. I was able to go 4 miles. I'm excited because, for each of the 3 miles, I did not stop unless it was the planned rest period.

I just started the program on September 1st, and I'm so happy to say that beforehand, just a week ago, I wasn't able to run a mile without stopping. I think it was my pace. Not knowing how fast or slow to go. To put the icing on the cake, I didn't have any knee pain after the entire run!"


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