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Running doesn't have to be hard, painful or boring!  Our 30 Day Program can help you to learn to love running by showing you the best way to get started without hurting yourself.  We will guide you to progress according to what your body can do, and show you how to prevent injury along the way.  
We'll show you exercise modifications, just in case you have one of those old nagging injuries that won't let you lunge or squat - we'll give you alternatives to still strengthen the muscles without putting stress and pressure on your joints. 
BEGINNER: You are new to running or have taken a hiatus and need to start and progress slowly.
INTERMEDIATE: You have been running, and can run for about 20 minutes at a time, a few days a week.
BEGINNER: Start now! INTERMEDIATE: Start now!

No Guesswork

The physical and mental benefits of running have been proven over and over again, but maybe you just don't know where to start. Start with our easy-to-follow plans and you'll be on your way to the runner you've always wanted to become!

Prevent Pain

Many beginner runners are often plagued by injury. Often, these are caused by poor footwear and muscle imbalances that cause abnormal wear and tear on the body. We will show you how to choose the right footwear and guide you in the proper exercises to keep the muscles strong and balanced.

Bust the Boredom

Some people think that running is boring because they run the same route, distance, and pace during every run. Our program will mix up your runs, adding in an awesome variety that will help you bust the boredom and get you in shape faster! Plus, all of the workouts are designed to be performed in 30 minutes or less per day.

Proven Results

Developed by an experienced running coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy, this program will help you to start or progress your running to the next level, all while showing you the steps to avoid injury and have running feel better on your body.


We will show you the right muscles to strengthen to help you to run faster and without pain.  All of the exercises can be performed anywhere and include no equipment to maximize the ease of fitting them into your daily workout plan.

Mobility & Balance

We will show you the correct way to help improve your mobility to loosen tight tissues and specific stretching techniques to help you to improve your mobility and recover from each run quicker. Putting your muscles back into balance will help running to feel better and help you to avoid getting hurt.

Here's What You'll Receive With Our 30 Day Plan
Whether you select the beginner or immediate plan you'll get:
  • Daily workout plan that includes running, strength routines, drills, and strengthening exercise all designed to prevent injury and bust through the boredom
  • Grocery Lists with key nutritious foods to incorporate in your daily life
  • 5 Day Kick-Start Meal Plan that includes recipes, meal and snack ideas
  • Detailed guide to selecting the proper footwear to prevent injury

Meet Your Coaches

Kevin has been coaching runners of all levels for over 10 years. He is a high school cross country and track coach, so he knows the ins and outs of coaching runners with all abilities safely and effectively. He is also a self-coached, elite local runner, with first and second place finishes in marathons, half-marathons, and 5k races.

Angie is a physical therapist with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has been practicing for over 10 years and has helped to rehab hundreds of athletes from injury. She has worked closely with runners on all levels, from recreational runners and high school athletes to college and professional runners, not only to treat injury, but also to design programs to prevent injury and improve strength and speed.

"I have done 5 half marathons in the past but then got plagued by injuries - torn ligaments away from my heel (required a hard cast, then boot) then pain in my hip too much to run. Now I’m running under your plan - pain free!"

Anne L.

"After 4 years of running, I felt stuck with a PR of 1:51 for my half marathon. After just 12 weeks of training with Kevin and Angie I ran the Disney Princess half, felt strong and confident, and finished the race with a 1:48! Kevin and Angie know what they're talking about. They're incredibly responsive to questions and serve as your own personal cheering squad. I highly, highly recommend them!"

Colleen W.

"My experience with the RLR 30 Day Intermediate plan was just what I was looking for. I needed something to get me back running and moving again and that’s what it did. The 30 minute timeframe was easy to fit into my busy schedule and the variety in the workouts kept it interesting."

Steve S.

"Angie and Kevin were a perfect fit for me. They understand the everyday obstacles we all face and are there as coaches to get you through them. I have worked with many online coaches and had one-to-one trainers and nobody gave me what they can -- their patience and experience is immeasurable."

Christina C.

""If you’re looking for someone to give you amazing guided direction on where to begin that looks at the whole body to improve your health then look no further. These plans are specifically tailored to not only your goals but takes into account your own personal health and history as well as tackles nutrition to ensure you get the maximum benefits of exercise."

Natalie K.


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