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348: The 4 Ingredients for Running Consistency and Actually Making Progress

Feb 29, 2024

4 Key Ingredients for Consistency in Running and Progress: Approaching Running as a Smarter Runner

Running, at its core, is a profoundly individual sport. It is just you and the open road. Despite this, there are certain commonalities that all runners experience and need to strive for continued progress. When it comes to enhancing your performance and continually moving the needle, your running rhythm doesn't have to be a solo act. We've identified four essential ingredients guaranteed to bring consistency and progression in your running lifestyle.


1. A Structured and Adaptable Plan

The first pillar for progress in running consistency is to have a structured and adaptable plan. It's essential to understand that consistency isn't a byproduct of motivation but rather a structured plan. Your plan becomes your compass, guiding your running journey. It's crucial to be flexible with your plan, adjusting it when needed due to circumstances or changing goals. Too rigid a regimen can lead to frustration and burnout, while too flexible a schedule may not provide the necessary discipline needed for progress.


2. Expert Guidance

Accurate advice and guidance from a seasoned professional can significantly impact your running journey. All too often, runners get misguided advice from various sources which can not only hamper their running progress but also lead to potential injuries. Therefore, running enthusiasts must seek expert advice and heed it to make genuine progress. Expert guidance not only provides you with established facts and proven methods for improvement, but it also helps you avoid common pitfalls and tailor your running strategies to your circumstances and goals.


3. Evidence-Based Programs

Evidenced-based programs derive from research and tried-and-proven strategies. They provide a reliable framework to guide a runner's progress and set a firm foundation for individual training plans. It's about taking the wealth of knowledge generated by years of scientific studies, extracting the valuable lessons, and applying that in real-world running contexts. Working with evidence-based programs grants you the benefits of the decades of research and trial and error that have gone before you, giving you a head start.


4. Accountability and Community

The last, but certainly not least, ingredient for consistent progress is accountability. It might sound strange to list accountability and community for something that is predominantly a solo activity. But the truth is, being part of a community can significantly enhance your consistency. Sharing your running journey's highs and lows with peers who understand and empathize with your trials and triumphs can be highly fulfilling. Plus, having people rooting for you, watching your progress provides that extra impetus needed to stay the course.

The pursuit of consistency in running isn't a singular, unidimensional act. A solo run is transformed by structuring it well, seeking expert guidance, following evidence-based programs, and becoming part of a running community. Each component adds its unique flavor, making your running experience invigorating and rewarding. Whether you're a sprinter or a long-distance runner, these four key ingredients can move the needle and enhance your consistency.

Remember, it's not just about running faster or longer - it's about running smarter. With these four ingredients, you'll equip yourself to go further, train smarter and find greater fulfilment in your running journey.

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