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340: Ability vs. Capacity

Jan 04, 2024

Running is not just a physical challenge; it's a journey of the mind and spirit that demands as much mental strength as it does physical endurance. In our latest podcast episode, we explore this intricate dance between mind and body, delving into how we can break the chains of self-doubt and unleash our true potential. We share personal stories, professional insights, and motivational anecdotes to help you transform your half-marathon experience from a mental marathon into a triumphant achievement.

Our conversation begins with the critical distinction between ability and capacity. These two concepts, though often used interchangeably, are vastly different in the realm of running and personal growth. Ability refers to the skills and proficiency you possess at any given moment, the result of your training and experiences up to that point. Capacity, on the other hand, is the potential within you, often untapped and boundless. We argue that capacity is infinite; if you can dream it, there's a path to achieve it. This realization can be liberating, allowing you to dream big without the constraints of your current ability.

However, it's crucial to understand that your current ability might be limited. The key to progress is training within your ability while slowly expanding it to reach your capacity. We see many runners train above their current level, leading to injury and disappointment. To avoid this, we discuss how to set intelligent, incremental goals that respect your body's limits while challenging you to grow.

Another profound topic we tackle is the idea of worthiness and personal growth. In a society that often equates worth with achievement, we offer a refreshing perspective: worth is innate. You don't have to prove your value with your running times or distances. Instead, running should be an act of self-expression and joy, a way to honor the innate value you already possess.

We share the inspiring story of an eagle raised among chickens, a metaphor for recognizing and embracing our true nature and potential. This story underscores the message that we are all capable of greatness, of soaring to new heights, if only we believe in our inherent worth and capacity for growth.

Lastly, we discuss the transformative power of reassessing goals. Many of us chase goals for external validation, such as the approval of a coach or the admiration of peers. We invite you to let go of goals that no longer serve you and embrace those that light up your spirit. This shift can be powerful, leading to more authentic and fulfilling pursuits, both in running and life.

We encourage listeners to train smart, celebrate small victories, and savor the thrill of pushing their limits. The episode is not just a guide to running faster; it's an invitation to reframe your mindset, to approach running and life with a sense of curiosity, joy, and boundless possibility.

In conclusion, the podcast episode serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and a reminder that running is more than a sport; it's a pathway to understanding our true selves. As you lace up your shoes for your next run, remember that every breath and every step is a testament to your infinite potential and inherent worth. Run not for validation, but for the sheer bliss of being authentically you.

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