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040: Do All Miles Matter? Chop Wood, Carry Water...

podcast running Jun 14, 2018


Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. 

This Buddhist statement about chopping wood and carrying water highlights the importance of fundamentals, no matter what stage you are at along your journey.  

It is important to understand that improvement in running, health, or really any worthwhile venture happen over a long period of time and through many small (and seemingly boring) steps.  

While the allure of the Instagram worthy workout or magic training secrets are attractive, the truth is that getting better simply requires consistency towards a goal.

In running, the recovery distance, stability exercises, and mobility work are the foundation of great achievements.  

Do not discount stability, as it is likely the reason you are not injured.

Do not ignore mobility; it is fixing that small ache before you are sidelined.  

Do not regard easy runs as “junk” mileage, because they literally are the steps needed to reach your goal.

While it would be amazing to see huge improvements day after day, appreciate the small steps that keep you moving forward, and that, with time, build you into a stronger, faster, and more accomplished runner.   

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