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057: What Happened in that Race? A Coaching Conversation

Oct 11, 2018

It’s time for a look behind the scenes of the Real Life Runners, and a chance to listen into a coaching call.  The conversation this week is between Kevin and Angie about her latest 5k race over the weekend. The results were a bit mixed as it was a personal best, but it also fell short of the goal time.  

In this episode, we really look at the relationship of coach and athlete.  We cover how communication is key and how the long term development of an athlete should be at the front of a coach’s mind, even if that may have some short term issues.

We discuss pre-race nerves that hit Angie hard.  These nerves started about a week out and created some serious stomach issues the night before and morning of the race, not to mention the race itself.  

We cover the questions that Angie had after the race including did I put in the right work and enough of it?  Was the speed work over emphasized while longer intervals were neglected? Did cross training and strength work take a back seat to running and hinder the performance?  

The answers are small adjustments in the continuous relationship between coach and athlete.  Sometimes the training needs a big switch, this plan worked but was derailed by nerves. Even when training plans are on point, the ability to express the new training is not always perfect.  Through this discussion, and several off-mike as well, it seems very clear that some longer workouts and mental training checkpoints will significantly help the individual racing plans. Angie is definitely in better shape than last year, but just needs a few chances to express the new ability.  

What takeaways do we have for the general audience?  Avoid fads, distractions, the fear of missing out, and the tendency to search for greener pastures.  Running is a long term journey and the relationship between a coach and athlete takes time to develop.  Sometimes the best plan is to keep moving forward knowing that the plan is working, you just need the time to show it off.   


Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered on our show!   

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