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331: Transform Your Run through Heavy Lifting and Plyometrics

Nov 02, 2023

In the world of running, the benefits of strength training, specifically heavy lifting and plyometrics, are often overlooked. This omission could be the missing link in boosting running performance and preventing injuries. On our recent podcast episode, we debunk the complexities of these two training methods and offer practical advice on how to safely incorporate them into your running routine.

Heavy lifting is a runner's best friend. Not only does it strengthen and develop your muscles, but it also enhances your running economy. Running economy refers to how efficiently a runner uses oxygen while running at a certain pace. By improving this, you can run faster and longer without fatiguing as quickly. Weightlifting can also help to correct muscle imbalances that lead to inefficient running styles and injuries.

What about plyometrics, a workout style that can add some serious power to your runs? Plyometrics, often known as jump training, involve exercises that stretch the muscles, followed by rapid contractions, to increase strength and speed. These exercises complement heavy lifting beautifully, working different aspects of muscular strength and endurance.

One of the significant benefits of plyometrics is heightened proprioception. Proprioception is the body's ability to sense its location, movements, and actions. It's what allows you to touch your nose with your eyes closed or walk without looking at your feet. Improved proprioception can help you traverse the toughest terrains seamlessly, so it's especially important for trail runners.

Additionally, both heavy lifting and plyometrics have significant cross-training benefits. Cross-training can provide a much-needed break from the repetitive nature of running, reducing the risk of overuse injuries. It can also help you build a well-rounded fitness profile, enhancing your overall athletic performance.

Integrating strength training, specifically heavy lifting and plyometrics, into your running routine can be transformative. It can improve your running performance, reduce fatigue during long distances, and refine your running technique. It’s time to lace up your trainers and add some power to your runs with the strength of heavy lifting and the explosive energy of plyometrics.

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