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333: Running is Not a Solitary Sport: Building Your Support System

Nov 16, 2023

As runners, we often find ourselves lacing up our running shoes and setting off alone, with the common belief that running is a solitary sport. However, this episode of the Real Life Runners podcast seeks to shift this perspective by uncovering the numerous support systems that surround every runner. These support systems not only understand the unique intricacies of running but also appreciate the sheer effort that goes into the sport, thus fueling our motivation and consistency.

A key aspect of the support system is a running buddy who understands what you are going through. This could be someone you meet in person or a virtual connection. The running community offers various ways for runners to connect and foster a sense of accountability. The presence of a running buddy significantly impacts a runner's consistency and motivation. Virtual connections also play a crucial role in forming deep bonds among runners, making it a less solitary sport.

Within the running community, there are various forms of support systems and coaching options available. These systems, which range from friends and family to mentors and coaches, play a crucial role in helping runners reach their goals. A critical aspect of these systems is understanding the source of advice and discerning between what works for some and what works universally.

The running journey also involves discovering the diverse forms of support within your circle of influence. Even those who may not understand the intricacies of running can offer encouragement and understanding. Friends who aren't invested in the outcome of a race can be just as supportive as those who are, providing a balanced support system that caters to the runner's emotional and psychological needs.

Social media platforms like Instagram also serve as an important tool in creating a running support system. By connecting with other runners, both in-person and online, one can find the motivation, encouragement, and accountability necessary to reach their running goals.

While running may seem like a solitary sport, it is embedded within a network of support systems. Whether it's a running buddy, a coach, a family member, or a virtual friend, every runner benefits from a community that understands the unique intricacies and sheer effort of the sport. So, the next time you lace up your running shoes, remember, you're not alone in this run.

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