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On this page, we have collected some links to some of our favorite running and health-related products as an easy resource for you.  Click on the pictures to purchase the items from Amazon.  

Strength Training and Mobility

Resistance Bands - Great for Strength Training, small, portable, easy to use.  I love these to strengthen my hips, and we all know how important that is!


Resistance Bands - Great for upper body strength training



Bodyweight Suspension Trainer - like the TRX but much more affordable


Bosu Balance Trainer - There is so much that you can do with this.  It's great for balance, hip and core strengthening, and even upper body stuff.  


Foam Roll - Foam rolling is one of the best things you can do at home to help your body recover (besides sleep!).  You don't need anything fancy.  These will take good care of you.



Stretch Out Strap - Such a helpful tool for stretching and mobility work


Lacrosse balls - Great for trigger point release and getting into those knots in your fascia and connective tissue

The Stick Travel Stick - great for rolling out your muscles and fascia and small enough to take with you wherever you go!

Running Gear

Garmin Forerunner 235 - This is the running watch that we both wear.  We absolutely love the style, functionality, and ease of use.  You can pre-program your workouts, track activities and steps, download apps for cross training and all sorts of other fun stuff. 

Running Buddy Pouch - this is great to hold phone, keys, gels, etc while running.  I wear it with running shorts because I can tie the shorts so that this doesn't bounce or sag.  It doesn't work as well with my running tights that don't have a drawstring because they aren't tight enough to prevent the sag.  Very easy to get things in and out during a run.


Spibelt - This thing doesn't move if you position it and tightnen it correctly.  No bouncing or anything.  Even Kevin will run with this, and he is not a fan of any of this stuff.  Angie uses this one when she's wearing tights that don't have the adjustable waistband to tighten enough for the buddy pouch.  


Zensah Compression Sleeves - these are great for recovery after a run.  Some people swear by them during a run as well, saying that the compression helps with any shin and calf issues.  We don't use them this way, but lots of people do.  We love ours for recovery, especially after hard workouts or long runs.


Body Glide - If you have any chafing issues, this will become your best friend.


Headsweats Visor - This is my favorite visor now, especially with my short hair.  There is an elastic band around the head part, so no adjusting is necessary!  Just pop it on and go!

Noxgear Tracer360 - one of the best lighted vests on the market.  Keep yourself safe and make sure everyone sees you as you run by.


Ninja Blender System - This system includes both the large blender for family-sized smoothies and personal sized cups for quick smoothies on the go.  I really like the one button feature that turns off automatically so I don't have to watch it the whole time.


Products that we use to aid in overall health, recovery, and performance


Collagen Peptides powder - I put a scoop in my coffee every morning.  It's great for recovery, bone and joint health.  I have noticed a big difference in the thickness and fullness of my hair and nails as well!                    


Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder21 grams of organic plant based protein, contains organic pea, brown rice, and chia, 5 grams of organic fiber, 3 grams of net carbs, 0 grams of sugar, 150 calories per serving.  Gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, soy free, dairy free, carrageenan free, and no artificial ingredients.  USDA Organic


Household Items


Instant Pot - I kid you not, this little gadget has practically changed our lives.  Whip up a home cooked meal in less than 30 min.  You can even put frozen meat directly into it without thawing! What?!?   This was a spontaneous purchase for us on Prime day two years ago, and it has made such a huge impact on the ease of family meals.  You won't regret this purchase.

This is the container that I use to make my lemon ginger water - I make a huge batch and keep this in the fridge to drink throughout the week!

Yeti Tumbler with Sliding lid - I use this for my coffee, hot drinks, cold drinks, or anything in between.  It's the best for keeping hot hot and cold cold.  The sliding lid prevents spills, so that is a must in our house!


Milk Frother -  This makes your coffee in the morning a real treat!  I use it to make my at home lattes and mix in the collagen powder/MCT oil to my coffee.  

Stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle - These keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm.  There's a ton out here, but here's a brand that won't break the bank and has great reviews.

Cookbooks and Books


These are great resources for healthy recipes, made especially for runners.


A great read about effort-based running and the importance of different pacing levels in a training plan.


Great if you like science and technical stuff 


 A pretty common-sense approach to good nutrition.  


One of Kevin's favorite running novels


If you've ever thought about doing an elimination diet, this is a great guide.  Elimination diets are not meant for weight loss.  They are meant to help you discover food intolerances that you may have that could be affecting your health in negative ways.  

LOVE this one - it's a great mindset resource

Please note: The links above are affiliate links, and we earn a small commission from each purchase.  This does not affect the price you pay.  You pay the same price, regardless if you use our link or not.  Thank you for supporting us!

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