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What's Causing These Side Stitches?

injury pain Nov 30, 2020

Most of us have experienced it: that debilitating, instantly crippling pain underneath the rib cage that can bring your run — or race — to a screeching, disappointing halt.


Side stitches are common, affecting around 70 percent of runners each year, but the shared experience of a side stitch probably doesn’t make you hate them any less.


Generally described as a stabbing, localized pain on either the right or left side of the abdomen, side stitches can happen to anyone, but they tend to mostly affect beginning runners or those stepping up their pace or distance.


That makes sense when you think about what a side stitch actually is — a spasming of the diaphragm, which is the large muscle below the lungs that helps the lungs expand so you can breathe. Although there isn’t definitive evidence as to what causes side stitches, there are plenty of theories.


5 possible reasons side stitches occur


1) Eating or drinking too close...

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030: Rebuilding After Injury

injury podcast running Apr 05, 2018



Injury.  The runner’s nemesis. Sometimes it is avoidable.  Other times, it is not. Sometimes we trip and fall.  Sometimes the injury is a result of overtraining. Either way, many runners will find themselves needing to rebuild their mileage after injury.  

Today, we talk about rebuilding speed and power after injury.  We start out with some tips on how to prevent those little aches and pain from turning into a bigger injury (Hint, when in doubt, ice it out!).  

Unfortunately though, not all injuries are preventable.  Some are more serious. Some require the dreaded time off.  If you do find yourself injured, there are definitely good and bad ways to get back into running and rebuild your fitness.  

Today we talk about:

  • What you can do to avoid injury
  • Ways to self-treat to prevent little aches and pains from becoming something bigger
  • Ways to stay in shape while rehabbing from injury
  • How to safely get back into running...
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