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151: How To Prioritize Your Running

mindset and motivation Jul 30, 2020

Deep down we have a set of values, actually a very small number of them, that define who we are.  When we face choices in our life, we rely on those values to help choose the path to follow.  On this episode, we cover the importance of discovering your core values, the exhaustion of faking our values, what to do when both sides of a choice seem to align with our values, and of course how this plays out in our world of running.  

Highlights of the Episode

What are values and why are they important? 

What happens when values are not clear?

What does it mean to be a runner?

Why do you do this day after day?

What happens when running goals are not clear?

What about choices that have two good options, or no good options?

What is the best thing I can do to step toward my running goal?

Why this matters in running and life

The obstacle to greatness is boredom

Values are also a beacon that show where to go next


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