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What's the point

208: What's the Point?

mindset and motivation Jul 15, 2021

Ever get into a training rhythm that feels good but out of nowhere it just hits you - why am I doing this?  The Olympic Trials got me thinking about putting in the work and not getting the outward-facing goal.  There are lots of feel-good stories and interviews with athletes making the team, but what about the athlete that just misses?  What about the athlete that finished last?  Is it worth all of the work?  Why do we do uncomfortable things?


Highlights of the Episode


The Olympic Trials are amazing, inspiring, and heartbreaking

Why go through the pain?

The journey is bigger than one race

If the race is the only thing, what happens even if you finish it, PR it or win it?

The training is where you test yourself - this holds even more for non-elite

This is a matter of integrity - who do you want to be? 

You didn’t sign up for easy, you signed up for your best self


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