286: Goals and Visions for 2023

Time for a new year and that means time to start looking into plans and goals for the new year.  Sure, January 1 is arbitrary, but the brain likes to start at the beginning, whether that is a new week, month or year.  So don’t resist the impulse, take the time to think about what you would like to accomplish in 2023.  Big goals take dedication and planning.

How did 2022 go for you?  

    1. Did you have running goals?
      • Did you achieve them, make progress towards them, give up on them?
      • What were the roadblocks?  
      • What was in your control or not in your control?
    2. Were you satisfied with your running progress?
      • If you were not satisfied, be uncomfortable and figure out why
      • What lessons can you learn from the past year?
      • Non-numbers achievements: Ran faster, accepted my pace, fueled better, feel stronger, less pain during/after a run, joined a running group, built consistency, enjoyed my runs 

What do you want for 2023?

    1. Big goals
    2. Short term goals
    3. Process goals


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