290: 10 Tips for Treadmill Running

Today we are talking about 10 tips for treadmill running because we know that a lot of people are finding themselves in extreme temperatures and needing to spend more time on the treadmill.


Here are 10 tips to make the treadmill work for you.

  1. How to keep it safe. 
  2. How to stay in control.  
  3. Keep it flat…or not.  Should you run with the treadmill on an incline?
  4. How to avoid boredom, or use it as a tool to develop important mental strategies.
  5. How to listen to your body when on the treadmill.
  6. The importance of mobility before and after.  
  7. Use it to practice fueling.  
  8. How the treadmill can help you work on your running form.  
  9. What to do about gym time limits 
  10. How to use the treadmill to help you recover from an injury or decrease some of the pressure and stress on your joints. 


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