299: The Paradox of Easy Running - Why is it Hard to Run Easy?

Why does easy sometimes feel hard?  If you’ve been listening to our podcast for awhile or you’re a part of our coaching program, you know that we teach the concept of easy running and the 80/20 principle, which means that most of your running, about 80%, should be done at an easy effort level.  


But why is this so hard for us sometimes?  Why does the idea of easy running seem hard to wrap our heads around and hard to put into practice?  


We see so many runners struggle, both with the idea and the implementation of the easy running concept.  Even if they’re familiar with it, they often tend to go out and push themselves too hard on all of their runs.  They run most of their runs in the moderate effort zone, which leads to frustration, disappointment, and confusion when they aren’t improving the way they want or they’re constantly tired or in pain.  


So what’s at the root of all of this?  That’s what we want to talk about today.


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