316: What If I Never PR Again?

At some point in every runner’s life, they are going to reach a point where the question comes up:  what if I cannot PR again?  Is that as fast as I will ever go?  How we handle this question is related to how we have connected with running times throughout our running journey.  


The physical nature of running means that eventually the clock will win and you will slow down.  This could create frustration, sadness, confusion, anger.  


That's why connecting your running identity to a list of distances and corresponding times is a recipe for eventual disaster.  



Every runner will find a time when the shiny new PR becomes out of reach, but that does not need to end a running journey.  It does not need to extinguish our competitive spirit.  It does not need to take the excitement out of running races or the training that goes into a race.  


Let's talk about it today!


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