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120: Goal Setting for 2020

Dec 26, 2019

We just bid our goodbyes to 2019 as we welcomed the new year. Before taking our full leap to 2020, let us take time to look back at everything we went through in 2019, in our life and in our running journey. The good and bad times, your wins and defeats and all other things that didn't turn out as you've expected.

Your 2019 might not have ended the way you wanted it but you can still turn things around. You can do that by making sure that all the lessons you've learned will be one of the reasons for you to be better and do better in 2020. Use those lessons for you to reach your goals that you have already set and will be setting for this new year.


Lessons that Kevin gained in 2019. 1:32

Challenge of defining effort levels. 1:39

Self reflections from 2019. 20:18

Goal setting and embracing positivity in 2020. 32:28

Angie's goals for 2020. 34:24

Kevin's goals for 2020. 41:46

Stay tuned!  


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