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157: Treating Calf Pain in Runners

strength training Sep 10, 2020


Runners tend to have strong legs muscles built from miles on the roads or trails.  We often tout the importance of maintaining strong core muscles, which is very important.  However, today we are going to focus on a pair of muscles and their neighbors, who propel every step while also cushioning every landing.  In this episode, we put the calves on center stage and discuss why this dynamic duo is so important to your running success.  

Highlights of the Episode


Running is actually a more complicated process than it first appears

The 4 phases of running gait and muscle action during each 

How running form maximizes the efficiency of using our forces

The running body is a passive spring (the importance of our tendons)

The running body is an active engine (the importance of our muscles)

The running body is beautifully intertwined - how the active machine and passive spring work together

When the body changes, problems can occur

How we can counteract the effects of aging and protect ourselves from injury

How we can get stronger and faster as we get older


Challenge of the week:  Calf Raise Challenge

Stand with two feet on the floor and lightly touch a stable surface (wall, counter, etc) for some balance. Lift one leg. With the other leg on the ground, lift the heel, rising up onto your toes and ball of your foot. Hold 1 second then return the heel to the ground. Repeat as many times as you can and count the number of reps you can perform. You must go all the way up and all the way down and maintain the 1 second up, 1 second down rhythm for the rep to count. If you start to fatigue and can't go all the way up or can't maintain the same cadence, stop the test and report that number. Post your number in the Tribe, or on our IG or FB pages under the challenge of the week post every Friday!

How many were you able to do?


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