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003: Strength Training: The Why, what, and how

podcast running Sep 28, 2017


STRENGTH TRAINING: Why is it important for runners and what are some key exercises to focus on?

In this episode, we dive into strength training for runners: the why, what, and how.  There has been a big push in the running community towards strength training as a regular part of our running routine, and there’s many good reasons why this is happening!  As runners, we like to run, but we can’t forget about all of the muscles that stabilize us when we run.  These muscles aren’t always properly strengthened through running alone.  We need to add in other exercises to support our running, prevent injury, and ultimately make us better runners.  

Strength training does so much for us, so we break down the reasons why it’s so important, just in case you aren’t on board yet!  We also talk about which muscles are best to focus on, as well as specific exercises that you can start doing today (with no equipment) to help you to target those muscles that are most important and most neglected by runners.  We talk about the concepts of proximal stability for distal mobility (listen to find out what this fun phrase means to use at your next cocktail party or long run!), how strength training improves neuromuscular recruitment, power, and running efficiency.  

Which muscles are the most important for us to focus on?  Which are the most effective exercises can we use to target these muscles, based on current evidence and research?  Also, which muscles don’t really need to be focused on as much because they are usually stronger, causing an imbalance in the body?  These are all questions that we answer today!

And don't forget...

How does this apply to other aspects of our life?  We talk about some of our struggles as parents, and how we all need a good support system in our lives to help keep us sane.  As parents, we try to do it all.  We wear a million hats at the same time: mom, dad, husband, wife, coach, teacher, doctor, lawyer, boo boo fixer, housekeeper, chef, landscaper, pool cleaner, chauffeur...the list goes on and on.  Let’s be real - it’s exhausting.  We need a support system to help us through.  People that know us, love us, share our value systems, and can help to support us through all of the trying times.  We need those people in our lives.  

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