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038: Running Without a Finish Line

podcast running May 31, 2018


In this world of immediate gratification and all information at our fingertips, everyone wants a quick fix and immediate results. 

Want to get in better shape? Try HIIT training.

Want to get faster?  Try sprints.

Want to lose weight? Try extremely restrictive diets.

Want more money? Click one of those online ads to make $25k this month.

Running isn't like that though.  Distance running is about slow and steady results.  We need to look at running as a journey rather than a single destination.

There is a great benefit to building the aerobic base, but it does not usually deliver quick feedback.  Classic periodization builds a big base and then tries to use speed later in the season to refine the aerobic base into speed.

New runners and old runners off of a break try to circumvent this strategy by hitting speed early and can see positive early results.  In the long run, pure speed will reach a limit quickly and progression will likely stop, if burnout, sickness, and injury don’t show up first.

The middle ground sees ups and downs in intensity focus during the year.  Training all aspects intelligently keeps the runners progressing, and prevents boredom and stagnation.

Important tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Never ignore any aspect, just change the proportions of the training
  2. Workouts should focus on the immediate goals and the bigger health picture
  3. Sprints have a purpose year-round, as do longer runs
  4. Maintain strengthening, mobility, and drills all year
  5. Race specific training becomes more important in the 2-3 months before a race

Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered on our show!   

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