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041: Are We Having Fun Yet?

podcast running Jun 21, 2018

As much as we focus on training, goal setting, and lots of details to running improvement, sometimes it’s nice to step back and remember that all of this running is supposed to be fun.  

There are days that we do need the big goals to get us through a rough patch that tends to show up during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. However, at the end of the day, your running should provide you with some level of joy.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How running can provide happiness through stress relief and meditation
  • The joy and other benefits of running with a group.
  • How ignoring your goals may provide happiness for some people, yet focusing on goals and competition brings about happiness in others
  • We wrap it up with a connection of how happiness matters in all areas of life from nutrition to family.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy running and when you finish you should remember to put a smile on your face.  

Go find your joy!

Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered on our show!   

Thanks for Listening!!

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