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065: Running Gift Ideas

Dec 06, 2018

Best running gifts

The best gifts are something that the recipient wants but does not want to buy for themselves.  The gift is removing the barrier of spending money on something they they could live without, but don’t want to.  

Here are some of our favorites.  Find most of them at this link.

Running-specific gear: 

  • Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe.  Make sure you are visible when running in the dark.  Our favorite is the Noxgear Tracer360
  • Super watch - check for signals before dropping the money on something like this.  It is amazing, but not if the user does not want it - Our favorite is the Garmin Forerunner 235
  • Running shoes - plug your nose and look at their shoes - make sure to get the exact style and size, as we are a picky group.  If you are not sure, take a picture and bring it to your local running store, they will know. Need a stocking stuffer, get tech socks!  It’s a sock present that people actually want.
  • Running sunglasses - Angie's favorite are Goodr sunglasses.  Make sure to read the descriptions of each pair for a good laugh.  Kevin wears Boston Bills, which look like more traditional running sunglasses.
  • We didn't mention this in the episode, but you could also get them a Real Life Runners tank or shirt!  :)  Shameless plug, we know.

Recovery and injury prevention gear:

  • Compression sleeves - like a hug for your calves - our favorite brand is Zensah
  • Foam roller - no one wants to buy a small torture device, but everyone enjoys the benefits
  • Resistance bands - great for strength training and hip strengthening - an absolute must for runners
  • Water bottle - they surely have one, but is it actually nice?  Does it really keep water cold. Encourage and support their hydration. We recommend stainless steel and vacuum-insulated.  You can go name brand, but don't really have to.  
  • High quality blender - if they like running there is a good chance they like smoothies, but no one likes icy smoothies so help them out with a quality blender.  We like the Ninja blenders - more of a mid-price range but they work very well.

 Running books

  • Once a Runner should be read by all young runners, but would be enjoyed by runners of all ages.
  • If your runner is a cook, consider Run Fast, Eat Slow.  Great recipes with natural ingredients to nourish a runner's body.

Other ideas:  

  • Running partner - give the gift of companionship.  If you can’t keep up joining a running group together could be a great way to grow closer.  I feel like other runners understand me better than non-runners
  • Coaching - most recreational level runners would consider a running coach an unnecessary expense but would get a personal trainer at a gym.  Help them out and let them see how much coaching can advance their running performance. We have some coaching programs available here.
  • Race entry - Has the recipient been talking about a race with excitement? Consider signing them up, or sign up both of you.
  • Destination race - if you are both runners, plan a weekend away around a big out of town race
  • Overnight care for the kids - runners that like to race can be seriously hindered by kids that do not want to wake up early on the weekend.  Take part of the stress away from the race by watching the kids overnight. The runner can get to bed early and wake up whenever they want and go through their pre-race routine without worrying about the kids.  


Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered on our show!   

Thanks for Listening!!

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