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068: What Are You Waiting For?

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018


As we wrap up the end of the holiday season, and especially Christmas in this household, the idea of delayed gratification has been forefront in my mind.  We were able to watching our two little girls count down the days until they were done with school and then until Christmas morning. It seemed like every day our little one would announce “I can’t wait until Friday!”  After I asked why I realized she was actually talking about the Friday that was 12 days away.

In this episode we visit the idea of goal setting from the perspective of delayed gratification.  Goals should be large enough that they cannot simply be achieved tomorrow because they will not having any lasting satisfaction.  This applies to running and our physical well being, but also to job promotions and new businesses.

Beyond waiting for a large goal, there is the satisfaction that comes from working toward a goal.  When the goal you set truly matters to you, the difficult process will still be rewarding. To make the long journey less overwhelming, it helps to have baby steps along the way.  We all need some small wins to help keep us on track and away from too many distractions.

We take a bit a small detour into New Year’s resolutions and our own personal experiences with delayed gratification.  Angie covers her mature acceptance of racing with a time window rather than a specific time. I cover why I still have a marathon goal time.  We get a little personal in talking about seizures and why I have not raced a full marathon in 2018.

Finally, we tie it all together with a key step in the delayed gratification process.  Gratification. When you have worked so hard and so long for something, make sure that you are able to actually stop and enjoy what you have achieved.  Look back at the journey and bask in the reward of the amazing, challenging, lengthy journey you have travelled.


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