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074: Effort-based Running, Updated

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019

Today, we update our effort levels a bit, transitioning from a 1-5 scale to a 1-10 scale.  Here's a little breakdown of what the numbers mean.

Effort Levels (adapted from 80/20 running and RPE): 

  1.  Extremely Easy - "I could run/walk forever at this pace"
  2. Very Easy - "I feel like I'm really holding myself back" - full conversations, singing, yodeling
  3. Easy - "I feel like I'm holding back a little" - able to sing at this pace
  4. Comfortable - This pace feels natural, not holding back or pushing - can still talk pretty easily in sentences
  5. Fairly Comfortable - I feel like I'm pushing every so slightly
  6. Slightly Hard - Less fit runners (able to run for one hour or less): can sustain for 20-30 min; More fit runners (able to run for 2 hours or more) - pace able to sustain for about an hour 
  7. Somewhat hard - Less fit: I'm going to blow up in 10-15 min, More fit: I'm going to blow up in 15-20 min (around 5k effort)
  8. Hard - I can keep this pace for a mile, no more
  9. Very Hard - Pace sustainable for a couple of minutes
  10. Extremely Hard - pace able to sustain for 1 minute max 

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