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082: Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

Apr 04, 2019

So many times in our lives we get caught up. Caught up in the day to day, our weekly runs, our million to-do items.  On this episode we cover how living with intention can lead to much greater levels of success in running and all areas of your life.

First, you must start by setting your priorities.  This task sounds simple but is at the basis of living fully and non just mindlessly drifting through the days and years.  Determine your priorities and break it down to the actionable steps you can accomplish to get there.

Second, be fully engaged with whatever task you are doing.  If you have already determined that your actions should be done to be your best and happiest self, then focus on those tasks.  Do not worry about other tasks you are not accomplishing. Do not attempt to multitask. Simply be fully present to your current moment and action.

Finally, recover and relax between actions.  Following a major task, take a well deserved break.  More than that, following even small tasks throughout the day, take a moment to pause and appreciate what has been done before moving onto the next task.  This small mental break will prevent fatigue and boredom and keep you fresh, curious, and happy through the day and years to come. 



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