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093: Why you should incorporate running drills into your routine

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019


Running drills are an often neglected aspect of a complete running plan.  

Newer runners may not understand how to perform the drills or may not see them as something of value they should add.  

Veteran runners with experience in the drills can start to ignore them in the name of fitting the workout into a short period of time and trying to maximize time running.

Either way, these runners are missing a solid component of a training plan.  Drills allow runners to improve range of motion and mobility, improve running efficiency, incorporate body weight strengthening, and optimize a warm-up before a workout or race.  

Running drills also allow runners to view running as a skill that can be practiced and improved.  Running seems fairly simple, but without well established form, running can quickly lead to injury.  

In this episode, we cover several varieties of drills and when they could be best incorporated into your plan.  

  • Part of a warmup routine
    • Strides and skips, very close to running form
  • Part of stretching routine
    • Exaggerated running form
    • High knees, butt kicks, skips, leg swings, walking toe touch, karaoke, black wards walking or running
  • Strengthening
    • Low impact body weight exercises
    • Side steps, heel/toe walk, walking lunges


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