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How to Dress for Winter Running

lifestyle Nov 16, 2020

The seasons they are a-changin’ — at least in most parts of the world — and that means shorter days and dropping temperatures for many of us. But don’t think that just because the weather may be getting colder where you live, you’re resigned to the treadmill for the next few months. In fact, when you’re dressing for a run, it’s a good rule of thumb to actually plan for a temperature that’s 10 to 20 degrees warmer than what’s forecast.


That said, make sure you’re looking at the “feels like” temperature, which takes into account wind chill on blustery winter days. You should also factor in whether you’re going on a short run, an easy run, a long run, or heading out on a hard workout.


Layer, layer, layer


The most important thing to remember when dressing to run in winter weather is layers. You should aim for two to three layers on your upper body depending on how cold it is. (Thankfully,...

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075: Declutter Your Life and Your Running

lifestyle Feb 14, 2019

Decluttering is the word of the moment and although Angie got in on the decluttering movement a few years back after reading the book, we are currently undergoing a massive decluttering of the house.  This, of course, got us thinking about how decluttering applies to our lives and naturally, running.

In this show, we bring you a little more into our lives with a discussion of the decluttering transformation steadily moving its way through our house one room at a time.  Angie points out the amazing benefits of mentally releasing yourself from things that you do not need anymore.

We spend some time talking about the Konmari method of only holding onto items that spark joy for you.  This has clearly done wonders for every closet and dresser in the house that we have hit so far. While Angie is the lead on all organizational tasks in our house, I do appreciate that I can see all of my clothes and that I do not still own several shirts that I constantly flip past to get...

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042: Keeping a Journal, for running and for life - the benefits and how to start

lifestyle podcast running Jun 28, 2018


Journaling is an incredibly healthy habit that seems to be done in some form by basically every successful person.

In this episode we discuss journaling from two very different perspectives. Angie has always had her daily planner going back to at least high school.  It has helped to bring focus and structure with to-do lists. It has provided a source of reflection and a guideline to thanksgiving.

On the other hand, Kevin has tried to keep a journal since high school.  It has repeatedly proved unsuccessful although it does feel really good during the week or two that it lasts.

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of journaling for life and specifically for running.  We cover the sense of accomplishment, the organization, and the ability to look back and recognize patterns and causes of both high and low points.  

Angie lists numerous options for what to enter in a journal, while always starting with gratitude.

We cover what type of information you...

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