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Fuel Like A Runner

nutrition Oct 12, 2020

For many runners, eating is about so much more than food — it’s about fuel. We know we need fuel to power our workouts, and we know that what we eat before a run can affect how it will feel. For example, we know that if we eat a cheeseburger 10 minutes before heading out the door for an interval run at lunchtime, it’s probably not going to go well. Similarly, we know that skipping breakfast before that lunchtime workout likely won’t go well either. But that’s where things get a bit hazy for most of us.


What is the secret formula for proper fueling that will have us training our best and running our strongest on race day? Unfortunately — as you’ve probably already guessed — there isn’t just one answer. That’s because, like most aspects of running, fueling isn’t one-size-fits-all.


The three main food groups of running


At its most basic, fueling as a runner consists of eating a good balance of...

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162: Fuel Like A Runner

nutrition Oct 08, 2020


Everyone wants the secret to proper fueling during a race and the exact nutrition plan following a workout or race.  While there are certain guidelines and general methods that work better than others, a major part of the picture is overall nutrition.  In this episode we will highlight some details that you can take away as tips, but focus on the big picture.  We also cover how nutrition, like most things in life, comes down to your mind.  You are a runner, an athlete, a healthy person. 


Highlights of the Episode

What does proper nutrition look like for athletes?

Foods that can help you feel better from your previous or next workout

How to balance food groups

What should you eat before, during, and after a run?

Simple carbs that can become rapid fuel

What’s the ideal macro combination?

Many runners like the slogan “I run for the....”


Challenge of the week

For this week's challenge, post a photo of one of your post-run...

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