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154: How to Handle Changes to the Plan

plans and goals Aug 20, 2020

It’s August, and that means back to school for us, as well as any of the teachers and parents we have listening.  In previous years, this would mean printing out the supply list and heading to the store to track down folders and pencil cases.  It would mean a return to early mornings and greater structure and routine to the day.  This year, it means less control and greater uncertainty.  While the kids will be learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, we are all discovering more about ourselves during this time of change.

In running, it means that races suddenly disappear from the calendar.  What do we do and how do we stay motivated and focused when things are constantly changing and up in the air?

Highlights of the Episode

All plans are fluid and subject to change

The only thing to be certain of is that any plan will need adjustment

Do not be so rigid in your training, or any aspect of your life, that you overly neglect the others

Plans and goals...

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152: How to Safely Return To Running After A Break

plans and goals Aug 06, 2020

Breaks in training consistency can happen for so many reasons.  You can get sick, go on vacation, get busy at work, need extended recovery after a race, or find yourself injured.  The key to long term improvement is not that you cannot ever take a break, it’s how to come back successfully.  The road back to running will not be identical for everyone, but there are some safer guidelines to follow.  

Highlights of the Episode


Running is not a perfectly smooth path 

If you have taken a step back from running for whatever reason, you need a plan to comeback

The comeback is physical and mental

If you missed a couple days because you “didn’t have time”

If you missed a week without an injury

Missed a week because of injury

Missed a few weeks with illness

You had a big race and oops a month has gone by and you ran 2-3 times

Stay focused on establishing good routines as you build back up




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