Understand how to incorporate strength training and mobility into your running routine so that you can run faster and longer, avoid injury, and feel stronger than you ever have before.

Strength training is the most effective way to become a stronger runner so that you can feel better and finally get the results you want.

Yes, I want to be a stronger runner!

Strength training is the most effective way to strengthen the muscles that you need to support you as a runner...and when you get stronger, you will be able to run faster and longer with less effort, avoid injury, and become unstoppable in your quest to become the best runner you can be!

Learn everything you need to know about strength training SPECIFICALLY FOR RUNNERS, taught to you by a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Know exactly what exercises you need to do for the best results

Understand how to incorporate exercises into your weekly routine easily without spending more and more hours training 

Focus on the exercises you need to give you the results that are important to you

Become a strong and injury-resistant runner!

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What You’re Getting Inside The Runner's Body:


The Runner's Body is a 12 lesson fully online video course to help you understand everything you need to know about strength training and mobility for runners...PLUS an immense video library of strength training circuits and individual strength exercises to give you the EXACT exercises that you need to become a stronger runner!


- 24/7 INSTANT ACCESS (plus all future updates!)

- Video trainings to help you understand and exercise videos for you to follow

- Coaches to ask questions and guide you along the way! 

Learning Module 1: Strength Training


1.1 Strength Training for Runners Overview

1.2 Lower Body Strength Training

1.3 Upper Body Strength Training

1.4 Core Strengthening

1.5 Foot Strength and Control

1.6 Plyometrics

Learning Module 2: Mobility


1.7 Mobility, Flexibility, and Stretching

1.8 Yoga

1.9 Soft Tissue Mobility

1.10 How to use a Lacrosse Ball for Mobility

1.11 Foam Rolling

1.12 The Stick for Soft Tissue Mobilization

Video Library: Put Knowledge into Action!


Strength Circuits For Runners

Core Circuits For Runners

Individual Exercise Videos by Category:

  • Lower Body Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises
  • Hip and Glute Exercises
  • Core Exercises
  • Plyometrics
  • Arm and Upper Back Exercises 

Getting Started With Strength Training Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Why You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Strength Training As A Runner...

It is reported that 82% of all runners get injured at some point in their running journey, which can lead to taking time off and a decline in performance.

Strength training is the #1 most important thing you can do to avoid injury and keep running strong!
 It doesn’t have to take forever!  You can get a TON of benefits from 10-20 minute sessions, 2-3x per week!

You can also incorporate a lot of these exercises into your daily routine, like standing on one leg while you’re brushing your teeth, for GREAT results!

When your muscles aren’t strong, your body wastes more energy just trying to stabilize itself, which means there is less energy for you to actually run!

By increasing your strength, you will free up more energy to allow you to run faster and longer with less effort!
Strength training increases your power and muscle recruitment.

When you have more muscle fibers doing the same job and generate more power, you will be able to run faster!

As we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass.  Strength training combats this age-related muscle loss, which not only improves your running performance, but it also makes your daily life a lot easier.

You have more strength to lift and carry things and more energy to be active!

Strength training not only improves your running, but also improves what you’re able to do in the rest of your life!

Here's What Other Strong Runners Have to Say...

 So What’s the Investment?

First of all, time. You will not become a stronger runner if you don’t actually put in the work. If you’re looking for a pill that will magically grow your muscles and improve your strength, this is not for you.


However, if you are looking to MAXIMIZE your time and effort by doing the exercises that actually work and not wasting time on those that don’t, this is for you!


Most people will just try to piece together a program from things they find on the internet, only to end up overwhelmed by all of the exercises out there, which stops many people from even starting.

Or worse...they actually take the time to find exercises and find time to do them, only to realize that they were doing the wrong types of exercises that didn’t actually benefit them as runners! Sure, they saved money, but think about how much time they wasted.


Then there are other people that just want to be told exactly what to do. Sure, you could hire a personal trainer and spend $100/session, adding up to over $1000 a month. Just keep in mind, local, running-specific personal trainers are hard to find, and they don’t have the level of education as a physical therapist with a doctorate degree, like the person who created this program.

If you’re like us, you want to be able to DO the exercises that actually matter without that kind of cost (both time and money), so the only solution is to find a program that helps you to understand and master this area yourself, without wasting time on things that don’t work.


That’s what The Runner's Body will help you to do.


It gets even better...

It is so important to us that we get this information out to more people to help them succeed in their running, so we are offering this program for ONLY $197!

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire program (plus all future updates!) for a one-time payment of ONLY $197!

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BONUS #1: Running Drills ($97 value)

  • Understand why running drills are so important
  • Know exactly what drills to do to improve your running form and mobility

BONUS #2: Mobility Videos ($97 value)

  • Understand how stretching and mobility are different
  • Know how to improve the mobility of specific body parts so you can move better as a runner

BONUS #3: Soft Tissue Mobility ($97 value)

  • Understand how to treat areas of tightness and restriction before they become bigger problems
  • Feel better!

BONUS #4: 12 Mistakes Holding Runners Back ($47 value)

  • Understand how these 12 things could be holding you back
  • Know how to stop these common mistakes before they limit your progress

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Angie is a physical therapist, with a doctorate degree from the University of Miami and a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame.

She has a passion for health, wellness, food, and fitness. She has been practicing physical therapy for 15 years, and during that time, she has worked with clients ranging from 7 to 103 years old. She has seen first-hand the difference between people who take care of themselves and those who do not, so she wanted to help to educate more people on the importance of healthy lifestyle changes, in order to live an active, more vibrant life now and as we get older.

She is also a certified nutrition coach and life coach because she believes in a holistic approach to improving our health, one that incorporates mind, body, and skills for true and lasting success.