245: I Could Never


I could never do that... 

Have you ever had a thought like that?  I know I have.  You see someone doing something amazing, and our brain's first reaction sometimes is, "I could never."  


But could I? 

Every person out there doing amazing things is human, so what is the difference between people doing the unbelievable and people that aren't? 

In this week's episode we discuss this idea.  What sets people apart?  Is it genetics? Work ethic? Levels of commitment? All of the above? 

We also discuss how our brain's natural tendency is to protect us, and how this can often hold us back from even considering or attempting big things.  

What if we just opened the door to possibility by changing the way we think about it? 

Check out this week's episode to learn some ways to start overcoming the mental hurdles that often want to get in our way of a goal.


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