248: Where Are You Giving Your Power Away?

What are you giving your power to? You may not even realize you’re doing it, but all of us do it.  As runners, we like to be in control, but so many of us are giving our power away to things outside of our control.  What happens then? If we are giving our power away to external circumstances or people, we will never be able to get the results that we are looking for.  We will never reach our full potential. We will constantly be searching for a better plan, better weather, a better coach to give us those things, when in reality, they are inside of us.  Instead of giving our power away, we need to take it back and use it to achieve our goals.  We can do this by understanding the power we have, finding where we are giving our power away, understanding why we might be doing it, then taking the steps to fix it.  So do you want to keep giving your power away to things you can’t control, or are you ready to take back your power and achieve amazing results in your running?  If that sounds like you, stay tuned to today’s episode where we will show you how to take back your power so you can achieve your goals. 


  1. Are you giving your power away? 
    • Do you look external or internal? 
    • Does this change if it’s a desired result or an undesired result? 
  2. Find where you are giving your power away 
    • Letting external circumstances dictate your feelings
    • Blaming circumstances or others 
    • Waiting for permission
    • Procrastination and Indecision
    • Being passive, going along with what others want or are doing
    • Defensiveness
    • Waiting until conditions are perfect
    • Putting others before yourself
    • Not setting goals  
  3. Understand why you are giving that power away
    • It’s easier!
    • Fear
    • People pleasing  
    • Comparison
    • Not feeling good enough 
    • Not believing in yourself  
  4. Take back your power
    • First step is awareness - this episode

    • Realize that everything is a choice

    • Choose who you want to be and how you want to live your life in every area 




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