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013: Cycle Your Training to Get Faster

podcast running Nov 30, 2017



What the heck is periodization of training?  It's a fun vocabulary word that refers to cycling your training plan.  If you are shooting for a goal race, or if you just want to keep improving and getting faster, training cycles are very important.  

Macro cycles are the big chunks of your training plan that have one goal in mind, like one season of the year.  Micro cycles are the weeks within that larger macro cycle, where you vary your mileage and purpose of your workouts to make the most gains and avoid injury.

Today's episode is chock FULL of some pretty technical stuff and guidelines on planning out your training cycles to allow your body to make the gains it needs to get faster.  Cycling your training is also very important for injury prevention and to avoid boredom. 

If you like going out on a run just for fun, you might want to skip this one.  It's pretty technical, so if that doesn't interest you, no biggie!  If you want to learn some new ways to get faster and design a training plan to get you to a goal race, this is a MUST listen episode.  Grab a notebook, because you'll probably want to take notes on this one!  

 We talk about: 

  • The difference between macrocycles and microcycles
  • The 3 important phases (macrocycles) of training: base building, speed building, and peaking/tapering
  • The key things to focus on in each phase
  • The purpose of each phase
  • Example workouts for each phase
  • The importance of drills, core, and strengthening in each phase
  • How to successfully taper for a race
  • And of course, how it all relates to our lives outside of running!

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