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153: Get Rid of Running Pain for Good

running injuries Aug 13, 2020

Runners like to run and when they cannot run the way they want, they are not their best.  Injuries can often stand in the way of a runner reaching his potential.  Unfortunately, many runners deal with injuries by pretending they don’t exist or treating symptoms.  We take a break from running, but when we ramp back in mileage or speed, the pain comes back.  How can we get better without consistency?  What do we do when the only consistency in our running is the injury that keeps flaring up?


Highlights of the Episode


Kevin’s injury story - Overtraining and under recovering

Angie’s savior story - Lucky for Kevin, Angie was getting her doctorate in physical therapy and helped him fix his problem for real

What was the magic that took a limited runner from knee pain to healthy running

Don’t just treat the injury - EAT the injury

Evaluate, Assess, and Treat

The magic in the diagnosis came from questions and knowledgeable connections

The resistance came from attempting to treat the symptoms and expecting the problem to resolve

Evaluate - what is actually going on? 


Strength and mobility tests


Strengthen, mobilize, correct


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