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156: Be Thankful for the Challenges

mindset Sep 03, 2020


Gratitude is usually seen as a very positive thing, but a gratitude practice or an “attitude of gratitude” is both more simple and more complex than it first seems. Beginning the day or ending the day with a journal practice of gratitude for one or three items has become very popular in the personal development world. This is great, but might not be the whole picture. While there is a clear benefit to focusing on the positive aspects of your day rather than the negative, when you can detach your judgment and be grateful for your difficulties, stumbles, and misses during the day, gratitude is world changing.


Highlights of the Episode

How people usually practice gratitude 

Gratitude for the struggles 

The ease of being grateful for the positives

How gratitude for the positives can actually be a negative thing

How to reframe your life and your running through gratitude

What to do if you’re having a hard time shifting to gratitude


Challenge of the Week: 

Find a struggle that you experienced this week and post about it in the Tribe, using the sentence, "I am grateful for ___(insert challenge here)_____..." to start to reframe your challenges as positives and lessons in your life.


Resources mentioned in the episode:


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