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016: Knee Pain and What To Do About It

podcast running Dec 21, 2017



Running is bad for your knees, right?  That's what we all hear from everyone around us that doesn't run, but is it true?  Today, we get a little medical, and talk about a condition that plagues a LOT of runners: knee pain.   Here's the spoiler: Running is NOT bad for your knees, when done correctly.  Unfortunately, knee pain does tend to affect a lot of runners, so we are here today to help you out a bit.  

Today we will talk about: 

  • Common causes for knee pain (there's way more than you might know about)
  • How to know the difference between the different causes
  • What kind of symptoms each condition usually causes and the location of pain
  • What do do right now if you have knee pain
  • A super easy test you can do at home to see what could be causing your pain
  • Things you can start to do today to treat your knee pain
  • The long term solution to getting rid of knee pain and making sure it doesn't come back
  • And lots more!  

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