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076: Finding your running team

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019


On this episode, we dive into the need we all have for support with an emphasis on running, but an acknowledgement that to accomplish any difficult task, it is harder when you feel alone.  

Professional athletes have an entire crew of coaches and trainers around them, not to mention a probable training crew.  If they seem to need this full support system, shouldn’t we all reach out to find a supportive network?

We cover some of the main points of our training philosophy, and how we build a team as coaches.  It all fits nicely into the category of runners needing other runners.

First, runners need unquestioned support that will be there after heroic wins and epic failures.  Without a willingness to fail, it becomes impossible to stretch your capabilities that far. Failing solo may seem easier because no one is watching, but it becomes harder and harder to pick yourself back up. We can all use a helping hand or we could fall victim to a fear of failure.  

Support can come in the form of boundary pushers.  This can be coaches or other runners. When you run, you tend to confine yourself to a preset notion of how good and how fast you can be.  Running with others or with a coach brings in a fresh set of eyes. When others tell you that you are capable of more than you think they free a whole new runner trapped inside of you.  

Support can also come from teachers around you.  To be the best runner that you can be, you must be open to new ideas.  While it is generally not a good idea to jump from one training style to the next every other week, talking with other runners about training may open your eyes to a new aspect that you can gradually incorporate into your own running.  The best running plan is the one that has been designed for you, and that takes time and slow development without stubborn clinging to methods that are not working.

Finally support comes from friends.  When you are out on a long run on a hard workout, the walls come crashing down and close friendships are quickly forged.  These friends can help running stay fun. They can get you through the difficult times and want to be there to celebrate the wins as well.  

Overall, to be your best, you need support.  The best support is a combination of pusher, teacher, and close friend.


Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered on our show!    

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