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168: How to Treat and Prevent Side Stitches

breathing running form Nov 12, 2020

Your run is cruising along nicely until you feel a twinge in your side.  It’s subtle at first but quickly builds to a sharp pain just below the ribs.  You walk for a bit, but as soon as you start running, it pops right back up.  The dreaded side stitch.  Most runners have experienced this painfully annoying nemesis.  It can show up on any type of run and just takes the fun out of the workout.  In this episode, we will cover some causes, some fixes, and some big picture perspective.  


Highlights of the episode


What does a side stitch mean when running?

Why does side stitch keep happening and how do I prevent this?

Can eating or running habits cause side stitches?

What causes side stitch under ribs?

What do I do when it happens?


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What is VO2 Max and What Does it Mean to Me?

breathing Nov 09, 2020

If you’ve been running for more than 20 years, you probably remember a time when you couldn’t tell by simply glancing down at your wrist what pace you were running or how far you’d come — let alone your heart rate or other more in-the-weeds data points. Today, though, it’s common practice to see every statistic you could possibly imagine staring back at you the instant you stop a workout.


Those statistics include, of course, the VO2 max, a quantifiable measure of aerobic fitness once only used by elite athletes and researchers and now a popular buzzword among weekend warriors due to the introduction of smart devices like GPS watches and Fitbits.


What is the VO2 max, anyway?


The VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. Or, put another way, the amount of oxygen you take in when you’re running your hardest. It’s affected by factors like how many red blood cells you have, how much blood your...

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