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155: The Key To Running Faster and Avoiding Injury

effort levels Aug 27, 2020

You want to run faster, so you practice running faster. 

You want to run faster, so you push every run just that little bit extra. 

You want to run faster, so you live by the motto “no pain, no gain.” 

You want to run faster, but now you are exhausted, sick, burnt out, or injured. 

When you are ready to start back up and bring more joy to your running, consider that most improvement coming during the easy days.  If you do not have easy days, when do you plan on improving? 


Highlights of the Episode

Background to running - where did you start?  

What experiences have shaped your beliefs about what running should be? 

Coming from other sports

Pushing harder is always better

Coming to lose weight

The trap of the comparison mindset

Why do you keep running?  What do you want to get out of it?

Most runners we know are looking to be able to run longer or faster regardless of why

Conveniently, the answer to both...

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