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The Real Life Runners Podcast is hosted by Angie and Kevin Brown who coached hundreds of runners all around the world for over a decade. In each episode, you're going to start learning how to make yourself a better runner, better parent, better friend, better partner, and a better person. The lessons that Angie and Kevin learn from running can carry over into all aspects of your life, and together, we are here to explore those connections through current research, experiences, and stories from real people out on the roads and trails, just like you.

Should Your Next Race be Virtual? effort levels Nov 02, 2020

The stage was set for a record-breaking number of runners to toe the line yesterday at the 2020 TCS New York City Marathon. This year’s drawing for the race was the largest in history, with close to 200,000 applicants — a pool 50 percent larger than the race drew in 2019.



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165: Listen To Your Body effort levels Oct 29, 2020


Sometimes finding your “why” can be the difference between heading out the door or not.  In this episode, we want to look more specifically about why you run any particular workout.  Tuning into your body’s effort levels and realizing that different runs should...

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155: The Key To Running Faster and Avoiding Injury effort levels Aug 27, 2020

You want to run faster, so you practice running faster. 

You want to run faster, so you push every run just that little bit extra. 

You want to run faster, so you live by the motto “no pain, no gain.” 

You want to run faster, but now you are exhausted, sick, burnt...

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