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The Case Against Cookie-Cutter Training Plans

goals and plans Oct 05, 2020

You decide to run your first half marathon. You’ve heard 12 weeks is how long you’ll need to train, so you pick a race that’s exactly 12 weeks away on the calendar, print out a schedule you find online, and tape it to the wall for accountability.


You have a reason you want to run this race: You used to go on four-mile runs regularly, but then you took a few months off while you were pregnant and now you want to get back into it and push yourself farther.


The schedule looks doable, starting with a four-mile long run and building up each week with one-mile increases. It also includes some speed work, which you’ve never tried before but figure will be fun.


Fast-forward four weeks, though, and your left knee starts to hurt when you land on it during a run. You keep going and hope it will go away, but on the next run it’s worse. You skip your following two runs, one of which is your long run, then decide you need a whole week off. By the...

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161: What is the Best Training Plan?

goals and plans Oct 01, 2020

You have decided to run a race and are aiming for a new personal best.  So you ask your friends what they have done for training.  Then, you check out google and see what that suggests.  You do the best you can to combine both pieces of information and plan out your next few months.  You end up missing some days, skipping some workouts, and adding in a few different things.  When you show up at the race, you are not entirely confident and as the gun fires, you take off questioning your preparation.  Why do generic plans not get the results you want? 

Highlights of the Episode

The importance of having a plan

What is a generic plan?  

Why generic plans fail a lot of runners

What about workouts

The details of how and when is tricky and varies by the athlete

What about your running body

What about your mind


Challenge of the week:

Tell us your goal that you want to achieve before the end of the year!


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