The Real Life Runners Podcast

Tying Running and Health Into a Fun and Family-Centered Life

with Angie & Kevin Brown


The Real Life Runners Podcast is hosted by Angie and Kevin Brown who coached hundreds of runners all around the world for over a decade. In each episode, you're going to start learning how to make yourself a better runner, better parent, better friend, better partner, and a better person. The lessons that Angie and Kevin learn from running can carry over into all aspects of your life, and together, we are here to explore those connections through current research, experiences, and stories from real people out on the roads and trails, just like you.

205: Am I Ready for a Half Marathon? half marathon Jun 25, 2021

Races are coming back.  Before you just sign up for the first one available, consider how long it will take you to be prepared for the race.  In this episode, we dive into one of our favorite distances, the half marathon.  We break down training strategies and timelines based on...

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203: Your First Half Marathon half marathon strength training Jun 10, 2021

The half marathon is such a wonderful race distance.  It is long enough that you need to put in months of training to perform well, but it is short enough that you do not need to abandon all work and family obligations to devote yourself to increased mileage and a weekend long run that can...

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